Land Transfers recorded in July

The following land transfers were recorded in the office of the Patrick County Circuit Court in July, 2019.

Melvin Lee Ayers and other to Melvin Lee Ayers, interest in 5.1709 acres, Blue Ridge District.

Jamont Beatty  to Gregory Allen Langston and other, 4.524 acres, Blue Ridge District.

David Wayne Belcher  to David Wayne Belcher and other, 2 acres, Smith River District.

Justin Blair and other  to Timothy Alan Longley and other, 13.594 acres, Peters Creek District.

Blue Ridge Nursing Center Inc. to 105 Landmark Drive SNF Real Estate, tracts town of Stuart, Mayo River District.

Carl E. Byrd and other to Carl E. Byrd and other, lots, Hillsville.

Benjamin Charles Claiborne to Raymond E. Forestall, 2.2151 acres, Smith River District.

Yvonne W. Clark to Jonathan Clark, 13.819 acres, Peters Creek District.

Steven C. Clifton to Richard D. Lankford, 3.071 acres, Mayo River District.

Christopher Collins to David Larios and other, 2.118 acres, Mayo River District.

Teresa Vaughn Conner to Sarah Bowman, 2.800 acres, Mayo River District.

Penny K. Dalton to Daniel Leon Bowman and other, 8.42 acres, Dan River District.

Bonnie Handy Edmonds to Joshua Lee Martin and other, 2.635 acres, Mayo River District.

Larry E. Farrar and other to George H. Hurlbut and other,  2.079 acres, Smith River District.

Gary Sinise Foundation to Kendra Leigh Kerns, 2.059, 2.612, 3.572, 6.596, 2.000 acres, Ararat.

Robert Geise and other to Voyce M. Cheatwood and other,  63.684, Winston Salem.

Estate of Opal Gilbert to Austin Wayne Gilley and other, parcels, Mayo River District.

Cathy Gilliam to Marvin Wright, parcels, Mayo River District.

Buford W. Hagee to Mary Q. Hagee, lot, Mayo River District.

Mary Q. Hagee to Amy Hagee Martin, lot, Mayo River District.

Audrey Sexton Haley and other to Ray Wilber Haley and other,2.0493 acres, Smith River District.

William Lee Handy to HOPCO Properties LLC., 2 acres, Mayo River District.

Kaureen J. Hitt to Nathan I. Harris, 2.0908, Mayo River District.

Jack A. Jones and other to Joseph Jason Ramantanin and other, 2 acres, Blue Ridge District.

Gerald M. Kinlaw to Reggie Coleman Brown, 14.16 acres, Blue Ridge District.

Otto J. Kunst to William Allan Meyers and other, 10.99 acres, Smith River District.

Joyce Delorse Lackey to Vincent James Lackey, interest in  41.69, 44.38 acres, Smith River District.

Land and Wood LLC to Ronald W. Carmichael and other, lots, Smith River District.

Land And Wood LLC to Margaret Seiling Lefler and other, interest in lots, Smith River District.

Landmarks Holdings LLC to 227 Landmark Drive ALF Real Estate, 8.295 acres, Mayor River District.

Curtis Lane to Curtis Lane and other, 2.694, 1.1528, 0.6152 acres, Mayo River District.

Lucille Handy Layman to Shelby Jean Turner and other, tracts, Mayo River District.

Phillip E. Lecky to Sammie Cassell, 5, 1 acres Mayo River District.

Philip E. Lecky to Brian Duppstad and other, 1.8881 acres, Dan River District.

Phillip E. Lecky to Karl Weiss, 0.57 acres, Blue Ridge District.

Annetta Slaughter Lind to Corey Edmond Lind, 0.7638, 16.0600, 0.0643 acres, Peters Creek District.

James Robert Machiels and other to Robert Meador and other, interest in 145.271 acres,Mayo River District.

Keith Ronald Martin to Ryan D Mills and other, 1.7870 acres, Dan River District.

Christine Danielle Mays to Bryan Daniel Tobey, 30.0608 acres, Mayo River District.

Clara H. Meeks to Donnica K. Gensemer, parcels, Smith River District.

Andrew Junior Miller to Gregory Mayes Gilmer, 3.5304 acres, Blue Ridge District.

Shane Morgan to Lisa Caldwell and other, interest in 5.101 acres, Peters Creek District.

Glenda S. Owens to Margie S. Stowe, 0.8 acres, Dan River District.

Jacob A. Payne and other to Shana N. Payne, 2.25 acres, Peters Creek District.

Joseph G. Poling and other to Elwood Eugene West, 0.5018 acres, Peters Creek District.

David Radford and other to Joe D. Freeman and other, 4.1757 acres, Smith River District.

William Sanders Rodgers and other to Tyler Austin Tucker and other, interest in 62.688 acres, Peters Creek District.

Slate Investments LLC to Saw Saw LLC, tracts, Dan River District.

Benjamin P. Speedy and other to Joseph R. Shelton and other, 2.001 acres, Mayo River District.

Richard A. Spence to Richard A. Spence and other,0 .98 acres, Dan River District.

Kenneth Irvin Sprinkle Jr. to Kenneth Irvin Sprinkle Jr. and other, 2.0468 acres, Smith River District.

Patsy Gwyn Stanley to Jonathan Wade Gwyn and other, 2.2840, 14.716, .65 acres, Dan River District.

Ronald S. Steele to James R. Edwards and other, 1.074 acres, Mayo River District.

Stuart’s Ranch LLC to GGB NCVA LLC, 1.33, 1.0257 acres, Dan River District.

Amber K. Tejeda to Candice Brooke Ingle, parcels, Mayo River District.

Sara Fisher Tew and other to Sara Fisher Tew and other, 10.3350, 25.5900, 23.860, 9.3390 acres, Mayo River District.

TKC CCXXXVI LLC to FDI Postal Properties II Inc., 3.65 acres, Mayo River District.

Jewell H. Tolbert and other to Michael J. Tucker, 1 acre, Blue Ridge District.

Tyler Austin Tucker to William Sanders Rodgers and other,  parcels, Peters Creek District.

Tynee Priscilla Tucker and other to William J. Tucker and other, 3.78, 1.582, 7.52 acres, Smith River District.

William J. Tucker and other to Kathryn Rutkowski, 5.362, 7.52 acres, Smith River District.

Susan M. Webb to Stacy M. Webb, 2 acres, Blue Ridge District.

Murray Joseph West and other to Tammy Judd Easter, 3.867 acres, Mayo River District.

White Oak Properties and Land to Jamie Fetter and other,  2.0756 acres, Dan River District.

Gary A. Williams and other to Steven Williams, 1/2 acres, Peters Creek District.

Wilson Family Properties LLC to Betty Jane Freeman, 0.728 acres, Mayo River District.

Michael Wood to Miles Walter Markham, .972 acres, Mayo River District.

William Daniel Wyatt Jr. to Bailey Real Estate Investments, parcels, Mayo River District.

Ruth Dobyns Zein to Wayne Green Marshall, 5 acres, Blue Ridge District.









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