Wood tapped to lead school division

Wood tapped to lead school division

The Patrick County School Board named Jason Wood (center) Acting Superintendent of the Patrick County School division. By Taylor Boyd Jason Wood was named Acting Superintendent of the Patrick County School division. Wood, formerly the Assistant Superintendent of Administration, begins in the new position on Dec. 1, pending the approval of his Superintendent’s license by the State Board of Education at its next meeting in January 2022. Once he is on the Superintendent’s eligibility list, Wood will be appointed as Superintendent of Patrick County Schools with a four-year contract. Jason Wood and...

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    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Nine people who sued white nationalist leaders and organizations over the violence at a deadly rally in Charlottesville in 2017 won a $26 million judgment for the injuries and trauma they endured. But whether they will be able to collect a significant chunk of that money remains to be seen. Many

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