Dear Editor:

I’m saddened to see Mr. Weiss fall victim to Dr. Boyce’s conspiracies and fear-mongering. It seems that Karl believes that there is some type of “elaborate puzzle” to be exposed in what he has deemed “the most important election in the history of Patrick County.” (At least we can agree there.)

Mr. Weiss blames the efforts of the local GOP and PatCoVa PAC for trying to oust him and Dr. Boyce from the Board this coming November. What if the GOP and PatCoVa PAC just support qualified, experienced, reputable candidates for the Board of Supervisors? How is that “not fair?”

It seems he believes that if someone donates to and supports a candidate other than him then that candidate is automatically a puppet to his or her supporters. How disrespectful of him to suggest such a thing? This falsity of “a few rich people” running the county has long been spread by Dr. Boyce and he and Karl have now locked arm-in-arm in an effort to “expose” such a conspiracy.

In reality, they’ve proven quite the opposite: that hundreds of citizens of this county are so concerned about its future that they’re willing to donate, collect signatures, create advertisements, knock on doors, go to events, make phone calls in support of the candidates they believe will do a better job with our county’s future.

I was shocked when I saw Karl Weiss state that he and Lock Boyce needed to be re-elected. How many more years can we sit through argumentative, disrespectful board meetings only to accomplish nothing and raise real estate taxes? I sure hope the people of Patrick will turn out on November 5th and vote for positive change. It’s time to take back our county.

Wren M. Williams,

Chairman, Patrick County Republican Committee


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