Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

One of many truths celebrated at the recent Patrick Springs Pentecostal Holiness Church revival is that God is sovereign. He is sovereign over everything from the minutest details of His children’s lives to the rise and fall of nations. We Americans could never adequately thank God for the historically unprecedented liberty and prosperity He has bestowed on us. We also owe those who sacrificed their lives and blood defending that liberty a debt of gratitude we cannot adequately repay. One way that we can thank both God and those who have sacrificed themselves, however, is to not allow that precious gift to be squandered.

At this country’s founding as a republic, it was almost universally acknowledged that its ultimate fate depended on the people’s continual devotion to God’s law. While God’s grace is boundless, history shows that He often withdraws His blessing from nations and peoples that disregard Him. America is no exception. If ancient Israel was not guaranteed God’s continued blessing, then neither is America. Indeed, one can argue based on our country’s path the past few decades that God has already begun withdrawing His hand and leaving us to the consequences of ignoring Him in our national life. Although America’s fate is ultimately in God’s hands, we do have a role to play as citizens.

It seems every election nowadays is billed as the most critical in history, and this certainly seems true for next month’s election. Perhaps never before have Americans faced a choice between such contrasting and mutually exclusive agendas for the direction of this country. There was a time when people viewed political parties like buses taking different routes to essentially the same destination. That is no longer true. In everything but official name, the Democrat party of 2020 is an extension of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Consider that the CPUSA no longer bothers running a candidate for President but rather throws its support to the Democrats. The runner-up and near winner of the last two Democrat presidential conventions, Bernie Sanders, is an avowed and proud socialist who honeymooned with his wife in the former Soviet Union. It could be said that much of the Democrat Party’s agenda today would have made the Soviets very proud. Many Democrats no longer consider socialism a dirty word. Democrats now proudly tout all sorts of rob Peter (taxpayers) to pay Paul (non-taxpayers) freebies, from ‘universal’ healthcare to tuition-free college, student loan forgiveness, and a federally paid ‘minimum income’ whether one chooses to work or not. Democrats proudly vow to permanently enshrine abortion and ‘LGBTQ+’ practices as federally protected fundamental rights too. Should they succeed, Christian opposition will no doubt be legally suppressed nationally as ‘hate speech’, as it already is in some deep-blue Democrat-run states. The Democrat ‘Green New Deal’ is a socialist smorgasbord that will irreparably wreck our economy and set the American way of life back a century or more. Democrats also plan to continue their assault on the Second Amendment; one need look no further than what Democrats pushed through this year’s Virginia General Assembly to see where they plan to go nationally on guns.

The Democrat party is also proudly allied with Black Lives Matter. Despite what many erroneously believe, this organization’s goal is to institute socialism, not racial justice. Its founders openly admitted they are ‘trained Marxists’ who want to dismantle American society and rebuild it on a socialist foundation; eliminating racism is just a smokescreen. Like all socialists/communists, Democrats talk a lot about ‘equity’, but equity simply means equality of outcome (i.e., everyone is equally poor). America was founded instead on ‘equality of opportunity’ (i.e., individual liberty). The ‘equity’ Democrats envision is incompatible with liberty and freedom.

Despite ‘politically correct’ liberal/progressivist re-interpretations of the Bible, the central tenets of the Democrat agenda are inconsistent with God’s Word. Should they win next month, Democrats will dismantle and rebuild this country in the image of their god, which is socialism. Liberty will not survive them, as the one true God will not continue to bless such a country. America’s future is in God’s hands. Showing Him that we acknowledge His sovereignty and desire His continued blessing will be in ours November 3.

David Robinette Jr.

Patrick Springs


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