A Church Culture Without Absolutes

By Dr. Clyde Dupin

Almost every denomination is facing problems which are complex and hard to understand.  Young people are leaving the faith and religious traditions of their parents.  This is a new phenomenon, especially in America.

These many changes should be of real concern to the church. I have spent 60 years in full-time ministry and have seen denomination after denomination hi-jacked by liberal leaders who appear on the scene and assume places of leadership.

The problem stems from both our public education schools and once religious colleges and Universities. Many things relating to God and the absolutes of the Bible have disappeared. Emerging in the Protestant church is an over emphasis on tolerance. The Bible is no longer the absolute true revelation of God.

In the Catholic Church, we see a great acceptance of abortion and liberation theology among non-practicing Catholics. Many of the long held traditional absolutes are questioned by the millennial generation.

Young people are interested in faith but tend to reject the religion of their parents. They feel little loyalty to the faith they were taught as children. They lean more toward moral relativism. They like to make their own moral sexual standards and choose whatever values they had in school.

Many on secular college campuses claim to be spiritual but have no interest in any church. Most of this group have had their faith destroyed by ungodly professors. Many are openly taught to reject the faith of their parents and to embrace the teaching of socialism and a global religion of pluralism. Some say in the end we are all going to the same place so why get involved with a church and the Bible.

Our youth have grown up in a culture with all the emphasis on self. This moral climate in our schools and uncertainty in our churches has left them confused with no absolutes to guide them.



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