A Habit Worth Keeping

By Clyde Dupin

Since Gallup started doing surveys more than 90 years ago, the American people have stayed consistent in their prayer habits. Nine out of ten Americans pray at one time or another. Women pray more than men.  Most people use a conversational form of prayer. They talk to God as a friend and praise Him for their blessings.  Prayer is a time to confess sins and ask for God’s guidance. Each day, after our prayer time, my wife and I always say the “Lord’s Prayer” together. It speaks to the needs of all people and is filled with words of praise to God and guidance for our daily lives.

Most people who pray feel a great sense of peace and well-being. Seventy-three percent feel they have received definite answers to specific prayers. Maybe there is a reason why the Bible says, “Men ought always to pray.” Former President George Bush believed men needed to pray and he began each day with reading the Bible and kneeling in prayer. In times of world crises’ and criticism, he found personal strength through prayer.  President Trump often gathers a group of pastors to join him in prayer.

Our need for prayer has not changed with the changing culture. Americans still turn to God in times of national crisis. During this time of political corruption and un-American politicians, people need to pray more than ever.  America is in deep trouble and needs a spiritual rebirth to save our nation from ruin. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and many other leaders turned to God for help in times of great need. All public forms of prayer are under attack, but we can turn to God in prayer anytime and anyplace. Prayer is a source of faith, hope and deliverance in times of need.

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