Ambulance donated to county


The ambulance pictured above will be stocked with the $12,000 left intact in the upcoming year’s fiscal budget, which will start on July 1. Vesta Volunteer Rescue Squad donated the ambulance. Patrick County Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Allen said the ambulance has only 37,000 miles.

In a related action at their last meeting, the Patrick County Board of supervisors also set aside $350,000 to create some type of rescue service. The board did not specify if those funds will be used to start a paid career service or to offer stipends to volunteer squads.

Three members – Rickie Fulcher of the Peters Creek District; Crystal Harris of the Smith River District and Karl Weiss of the Blue Ridge District – have said they favored the paid or career squads. Two supervisors – Lock Boyce of the Mayo River District and Roger Hayden of the Dan River District – support a stipend program.  Supervisors meet again at 7 p.m. on June 12.