‘Baby’ stink bugs pack foul odor

With the seasonal changes, small bugs that resemble lady bugs seem to be showing up everywhere. The odor they secrete is still potent considering their size, according to online information.

Their outer shell is hard and odd-shaped, with a blackish/deep brownish in color. They also are known as the Brown marmorated 1st instars of stink bugs in this stage of their life. These little bugs can cause a lot of plant damage and also damage fruits as well.

The best remedy we found to get rid of the pesky bugs is to catch them in a tissue and flush them down the toilet.

But others have reported some success by using dryer sheets to wipe down window screens and keep the bugs away. Some say if squished outside, the odor warns other stink bugs to stay away or flee.

Another alternative is to hang a damp towel outdoors. The stink bugs flock to it and the towel then can be disposed of in a bucket of soapy water.

Some also opt to use a wet/dry vacuum to suck the bugs up, but since this can leave an odor in the vacuum for quite some time, it isn’t the first option of getting rid of the pesky critters.




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