Blue Ridge Therapy Connection

Duane VIA
Activities Coordinator

The residents of Blue Ridge celebrated the fourth of July with hamburgers and the trimming for lunch. That afternoon the activity staff had watermelon slices for them.
We reminisced about their past celebrations and the fun they shared with their family members. Many of them talked about being off from work and taking their family on vacations or working around their homes.
The residents had a good time and enjoyed a meal at a restaurant July 5th. They got chicken, fish, spaghetti, salads and dessert. Many were to full to have dessert. The food and the conversation over our meal were excellent. Just by being able to sit down and have a meal with the residents you can learn a lot about them and their loved ones. We talk about our kids, grandchildren and some of the residents talk about how they once prepared their own meals and some talked about their own recipes.
During the summer months we have a good time with the residents being able to go outside on the patio. Sometimes we just like to take them out in the late afternoon when it’s not so hot to talk and reminisce about the past.
Most of our residents were raised on a farm or here within Patrick County. We talk about working in tobacco, sleeping at the barns and taking their crops to the market. It’s hard to believe how much times have changed in our own county. There isn’t that much tobacco being raised and people don’t have to sleep at the barns anymore to make sure their tobacco was being cured.
When you go riding around, just look were farms use to be. Now there are big homes being built and the older homes are being torn down. We like to take our residents riding around in Patrick County, because there still are some old homes and farms along with some old dirt roads to travel down.
We look forward to seeing you at our “Splish Splash Bash” on July 23 from 6 to 10 p.m. We will have the area’s largest waterslide, bouncy house, kiddy slip n’ slide, a “movie on the lawn,” and live music, and refreshments will be available. We hope to see you there.

Patty Trexler and Jerri Feilder enjoy having a meal and conversation at a Martinsville restaurant.
Patty Trexler and Jerri Feilder enjoy having a meal and conversation at a Martinsville restaurant.

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