Blue Ridge Therapy Connection

Duane VIA
Activities Coordinator

Community children in line for the water slide at Blue Ridge Therapy Connection and The Landmark Center “Splish Splash Family Night.”
Community children in line for the water slide at Blue Ridge Therapy Connection and The Landmark Center “Splish Splash Family Night.”

With the temperatures being in the high 90s, it’s hard to do any activities outside. Although the residents of Blue Ridge don’t seem to mind the heat, we have to be careful when we take them outside.
We are still going on our bus trips but we always have a cooler of water, drinks and snacks with us.
When we take the residents outside on the patio, we take them out early in the morning or late in the afternoon when we can sit in the shade on the patio. We carry water with us and make sure our residents aren’t getting too hot. Sometimes we have freezie pops on the patio to cool us down. The residents love them and they enjoy the different flavors.
We hope the community enjoyed the Splish Splash event that was held here at Blue Ridge and The Landmark Center on July 23. It was very hot and humid day, but the children had a good time sliding down the water slide and being in the slip n’ slide were it was cold water. Many of the kids also enjoyed playing in the bouncy house and the little ones played in the kiddy pools.
We would like to thank Papa Ray’s Hot Dog Wagon, Mountain View Singers, Cameron Tatum, all our sponsors, Outdoor Entertainment, staff and volunteers. We had a lot of fun being with the community and our residents enjoyed seeing all the little ones having fun.
The activity staff had the residents out on the patio so they could be part of the event while staying in the shade and staying cool. They also enjoyed having hot dogs and slushies and listening to the music.
Some of the residents wanted to go over to where the music and food were, so activity staff people took them. We always make sure our residents are a part of the events that are held at their home. They get so excited about such events being held at the center, they love being able to invite their loved ones to come and participate in the fun.
We will be having “Senior Olympic Games” starting on August 5 with an opening ceremony where we will be passing the torch to the residents of the Landmark Center. Blue Ridge residents will be competing with The Landmark residents during some of the games. They will be competing in a corn shucking, green bean snapping, corn hole, and water polo. This will be a lot of fun and laughs for our residents at both facilities.
On Friday, we will be having a wheelchair race in which staff and residents can participate. This race will be one person at a time, and the one with the best time wins. We will be letting you know how many gold medals Blue Ridge residents bring home. Let the games begin!


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