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Recreation Coordinator

Blue Ridge residents have enjoyed many new groups coming in and volunteering their time to entertain our residents. We appreciate all our volunteers, whether they visiting with residents, help with activities or entertain them. We always need volunteers to help with activities or who will visit with residents and those who can provide entertainment.
Our residents have been having a good time celebrating all the events in February. Blue Ridge residents had their own “Super Bowl” game on Friday. They got to choose the team they wanted to be on, Carolina or the Broncos. At the end of our game, Blue Ridge’s Carolina team won. They really had a good time playing this game. On Sunday, they watched the game on TV and we served them refreshments.
On Monday, we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a game and discussed the Chinese zodiac. Tuesday, we celebrated Mardi Gras with a party and the residents were given mash and beads. We will celebrate Valentine’s Day with a party and a voting for Valentine’s Day King and Queen. On Valentine’s Day, we will be having a “Sweetheart Dinner” for our residents and their spouses.
Resident Caroline Culler celebrated her birthday with her family on February 7 in our recreation room. We would like to wish Miss Culler, a happy 107th birthday. She is better known to the staff as “Granny Culler.”
Caroline is such as joy to know and to talk to. She is filled with knowledge of the history of Patrick County and she knows most families who live here in the county. She is a very interesting lady to talk with and to learn from. She still likes to sew, do arts/crafts, read, and write in her journals. She also is willing to share some of her recipes with the staff members.
Here at Blue Ridge we are blessed to have four other ladies who are 100 or will turn 100 this year. We will be honoring these ladies during our Mother’s Day celebration.
We are already working on our March calendar. If you would like to entertain our residents please call (276) 694-7161, extension 1804. We would be happy to put you on our calendar of events.

Annice Hall celebrates Mardi Gras.
Annice Hall celebrates Mardi Gras.

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