Blue Ridge Therapy Connection


Activities Coordinator

Easter parade hats the residents of Blue Ridge made for The Easter Egg Hunt.

The residents of Blue Ridge had a wonderful Easter. They enjoyed seeing all the community children come to their Easter Egg Hunt. They love having the children come into their home to visit and to have fun.

They enjoyed playing the bells for the event and many of the visitors talked about how well they played. Our residents take pride in playing the bells for their visitor

This year we had something different, we invited our guests to come inside to participate in an Easter parade down the hallways to the gazebo where they were served refreshments.

The residents made hats for the children to wear which were made from paper plates and paper bowls. They really did an excellent job on them and the children along with their parents loved them.

Also this year, we had three Easter bunnies walking around having their pictures taken with the children. We estimated that we had around 300 people to attend the hunt. We look forward to next year’s hunt, and we might have to increase the amount of eggs we have to go along with the number of children we are seeing at the egg hunt.

The residents enjoyed going out to eat at one of their favorite places recently. They put their names on the list a month ahead for this trip. Many times we have a list carried over to the next trip because so many residents want to go out to eat.

We will be going out for pizza this week and a ride around the county. Next month we are planning a visit to Mabry Mill. We have been looking forward to returning to the parkway for a good meal and being able to see beautiful scenery on our way up and back down the mountain.

We are working on honoring our volunteers on April 27 during National Volunteer Week. We can’t thank these people enough for all they do for our activities programs and our residents. They give so much of themselves to other and they don’t ask for anything in return. They are special people and my God bless each one of them for their giving hearts!