Blue Ridge Therapy Connection


Residents Donna Mitchell, LC Mabe and Kathleen Olson enjoy the beauty of Mabry Mill.

The residents at Blue Ridge had a wonderful time during National Nursing Home Week. They had a fun-filled week of different activities to enjoy and they learned about different culture’s foods and enjoyed showing their talent to their friends.

hey also had a good time going on a picnic at DeHart Park and taking a bus ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at Mabry Mill to see the beautiful scenery. It’s always fun to plan these events hoping the residents will enjoy themselves and to have something different for them to enjoy. We are always trying different activities. Some are hits and some are misses.

We are now working on our in-house vacation which we will be going to Australia this year. We have been brainstorming different ideas and activities for the week-long event.

These events are always a lot of fun for our residents and we try to incorporate the staff into these events also. With Australia, we can go to the beach or the desert. We research facts about the places we are going to visit, such as the food, differences in their culture, and games.  Sometimes we have to adapt the games or food, but that’s what makes it fun for us and our residents. When we all can learn something new, it is exciting.

We hope to have our in-house vacation during the month of August. We are working on getting supplies in for the event.

The residents went out this week to do some of their own shopping. They love getting new outfits, snacks, arts/crafts and some like shopping at the deli for food. We are planning on other trips in the county and Mount Airy, N.C. The residents are always giving us a list of places they want to visit or eat at. These are their trips and we try to always take them were they want to go.

Each month we also have Around About bus trips; this is where we take the residents just riding around the county, on back roads just looking at the beautiful scenery of Patrick County.

It’s hard to believe it’s already June, the spring is really going by fast. We like to have the residents outside as much as we can in the late early morning or late afternoon. They love going outside to sit in the sun, visiting with their friends and playing games. We like to have freeze pops while sitting out on the patio and trying to guess the flavor, too.

We are already working on our July calendar. If you or your group would like to perform for the residents, please call Dee Dee Via at (276) 694-7161, extension 1804.


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