Blue Ridge Therapy Connection

Warren Patrick celebrates Australia in his Aussie hat.

The residents of Blue Ridge had a good time celebrating their vacation week to Australia. They went digging for pink diamonds, got to taste different foods and learned a lot about the history and the geography of the county. They enjoyed visiting the different areas and the culture.

They enjoyed getting to keep their Aussies hats and they won sunglasses to go along with their hats during the pink diamond dig.

We are planning a Western week for the month of September and activities that go along with the theme. Our residents really enjoy having these special event weeks and asked if we could have one in September. They came up with the theme, now we have to come up with different fun activities!

The summer is really going by fast. It’s hard to believe that next month we will be taking our residents to the Patrick County Fair. We have started working on our entries for the fair. Many of our residents work year round on things in their room to enter in the fair.

Our residents are very talented and we want to share their talent with the public by entering their arts and crafts in the fair. We are going to be working hard on as many arts and crafts as we can because we want them to be able to enter as many exhibits as they want.

With the cooler days, we are getting to take the residents outside and have afternoon activities on the patio. Many times we just like going outside for the fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes we exercise, reminisce and play games such as Name that Tune.

Music is one of the resident’s favorite activities. It doesn’t matter what era, what kind of music or the years it was a hit. This is a way for them to have happy memories and to reminisce about the past.


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