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Blue Ridge Therapy Connection is saddened with the passing of Caroline “Carrie Sue” Culler, known to staff members and residents as Granny Culler.
Caroline was 107 years old. She was born February 7, 1909, in Ararat. She had seen many things in her lifetime and it was a joy to hear her talk about the past and the history of Patrick County.
I remember when I first met Granny, she asked what my name was, then she told me I was from the Critz area of the county. She told me that she had heard of my family and started naming members of my family. Needless to say, I was very impressed, When I asked her did she know them personally, she told me no.
Granny also showed me many of her journals and pictures of her family. I remember asking her what she did to live so long—was it something she ate or did—and she told me she had never eaten an egg in her life. Then she told me she had a Pepsi and Reese’s Cup every day of her life, and at that time, she really enjoyed pork rinds too.
During the years at Blue Ridge, Caroline became everyone’s Granny. We would go and talk to her in her room. She would always offer you something to eat or drink, just like she would have done in her home in Ararat. Any time you asked her for help, she was right there to give all she could, by telling you her life story, your family history or giving you a recipe.
Caroline didn’t attend that many activities. She loved playing bingo, going shopping at Walmart, and going out to eat at Snappy’s Lunch in Mount Airy, N.C., which is owned by members of her family.
Each month she would go to Walmart and get small items to make gifts to give people who would come in to visit with her, and gifts for her family. She always would get her Reese’s Cups too! She didn’t have to buy Pepsi, since the Pepsi Company gave her a lifetime supply that was delivered to the nursing center when she was in need.
She loved horses, playing music, sewing and her family. She was blessed with a very loving and caring family who visited with her weekly and called her daily.
Her Blue Ridge family will truly miss hearing the stories of the past history of Patrick County and the stories of different times in our country. Caroline was like a book of knowledge—she enjoyed sharing with those who wanted to hear or learn from her. She was also a very compassionate, caring and loving person. She was always making things and sharing her talent with others.
You know sometimes in your life, when you meet someone who is very special and a unique person, you will never forget them. When I met Caroline Culler, I knew I would never forget her and her wonderful wisdom, humor, loving and caring heart. We were truly blessed with having Caroline become part of our Blue Ridge family.

Caroline Culler
Caroline Culler

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