Blue Ridge Therapy Connection


“Country Boys Band” and Michael Hazelwood at Blue Ridge Therapy Connection.
“Country Boys Band” and Michael Hazelwood at Blue Ridge Therapy Connection.

Each month we enjoy a square dance where musicians along with dancers perform for our residents. It is always very well attended and everyone has a great time.
The dance held on Monday, April 25 turned out to be very special for resident Mike Hazelwood. For years Mike was a member of The Country Boys, a local bluegrass band which has been performing for over 40 years. Over the years the band has included many musicians, won many awards at Fiddlers’ Conventions and played at many bluegrass festivals. Current members of the band include Don Clifton, Johnny Joyce, Tim Bowman, Doug Joyce, and Billy Hawks.
Johnny and Doug are a regular part of the square dance musicians as was J.A. Midkiff, former fiddle player for the group until he retired. On this night, Don & Tim surprised Mike by showing up to play for the square dance. The night was very special, not only for Mike, but for all those in attendance. Along with the dancing tunes, we enjoyed hearing songs written by Mike.
Needless to say, the dance lasted a little longer than usual, but nobody was keeping track of time.
We have long realized that music transcends all ages and mental capabilities—it is a common ground where we all become one as we are moved by the songs we hear. When we grow older, music can take us back in time to the happy, carefree times of our youth. Our ability to remember music can be seen as our residents sing along when volunteers come to entertain, especially when they play gospel music.
We appreciate all our volunteers who spend so much of their time and energy providing support and entertainment for the residents here are Blue Ridge, you are a part of our very special family.


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