Blue Ridge Therapy Connection

Duane VIA
Activities Coordinator

Our residents enjoyed having the “Taste Test” on the patio on June 8. They had Freeze Pops and they had to guess the flavor they choose.
Most of the residents had two to three pops and different flavors. This was a treat for the hot days of summer and it’s a way they can reminisce, test their senses, with touch, smell and taste. They had a good time eating the tasty treats. We will be having more activities like this during the summer months.
Blue Ridge residents enjoyed going to the movie theater to watch an animated movie, “Alice Though the Looking Glass.” They gave the staff members a good review for the movie. They also went to a local restaurant on June 16 and had a wonderful meal. We would like to thank the staff for always making us feel very welcome and for all their help. This is one of the residents favorite places to eat, and as they will tell you, it’s not far to go.
Residents select where they want to go on their bus trips. They tell the activity staff where they would like to go during the month and we put it on the calendar. At other times we ask them during activities where they would like to go or we might suggest places to see if they are interested in them.
We are now working on our July calendar and will be having our in-house vacation for the residents. We are planning some fun treats, different activities, places to visit and entertainment.
We are planning a cruise to Mexico, Hawaii, California, and Alaska. We will begin our cruise in Florida. The residents love having these types of activities, because they can learn about different places, cultures, and foods. We will be having special activities to go along with the designation we are visiting that day.
We also like to get staff members involved in these types of activities. For example, on the day we start out in Florida, we will ask staff members to wear hot pink, for Florida’s pink flamingos. Each day will have its on theme and colors.
Staff members aren’t the only ones who wear the colors for the day as residents also participate in it. We put up signs around the Center to let everyone know the theme of the day and colors. We look forward to our In-house vacation!BRTC


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