Blue Ridge Therapy Connection – April 26, 2018

Residents John Pollard and Peggy Yeatts enjoyed their meal at a restaurant.

It’s finally started getting warmer. We got to take some of the residents outside on the patio at the end of last week. They really enjoyed going out and sitting in the sunshine.

Blue Ridge and The Landmark Center held a volunteer banquet on April 19 honoring our group volunteers. We are truly blessed with some many wonderful and talented people in Patrick County.

We can never thank these groups of people enough for volunteering their time and talent. Without these people our activity programs for our residents would not be as it is.

Many of our residents enjoy talking to our volunteers at the beginning and end or their performances. They consider them their friends and some family. They look forward to when they come in so they can talk with them. Even our volunteers will ask where such and such is; they missed seeing them at the event. Some of the volunteers will go visit with them in their room if they were unable to attend the activity. Here at the nursing center, it becomes one big family.

This coming month, we will be celebrating National Nursing Home Week with the theme of “Celebrating Life’s Stories.” We are working on having many activities for our residents to be involved in and our staff will also participate. Along with nursing, we are planning a week of fun and bringing our family members together to help celebrate our residents’ life stories.

We have a Mother’s Day Tea, which we will crown our “Mothers of

the Year.” We will be inviting our mothers’ family members to come in and celebrate with us.

We will also be having many activities based on big events in one’s life time. We are having our bus trips to coincide with our week’s theme. During this week we will also be honoring our individual volunteers and our veterans.

May is going to be a very busy month for our residents. We have ten bus trips to go on. The residents have given us a long list of places where they want to go out to eat. With Mabry Mill open for the spring, we will be taking them to the mill to have us some fried green tomatoes.

They also want to go back to a favorite barbecue restaurant. Our veterans want to try out a restaurant in Mount Airy, N.C., for their May bus trip. So we have many places to go and visit. You will most likely see us on the road.


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