Blue Ridge Therapy Connection – August 2nd, 2017

Activities Coordinator

Blue Ridge resident Franklin Rose enjoyed riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway and visiting Mabry Mill for the first time.

With the hot temperatures we have been having, we try to think of ways to cool off. This week some of the residents enjoyed going to Ridgeway for homemade ice cream. They really enjoyed having their favorite flavors and something cool to eat. We are planning another trip there for next month and are taking different residents so they too can enjoy having homemade ice cream.

Also, this coming month, we will be going to the new restaurant in Patrick Springs to take residents who love seafood. The residents of Blue Ridge like to go different places to eat and try different foods.

On our way back to the center, we have our discussion about what we like and didn’t like. We all try to get different foods off the menu so we can talk about them and how good they were and what we will get the next trip back.

Our bus trips have really helped us get residents to start attending other activities at the center. They get to know one another on the trips and this starts new friendships.

This week we will be having our In-house vacation to Australia. We have many activities based on Australia lined up for our residents to participate in. Staff member Francine Jones plans on singing for the residents during one of our activities. They will be going mining for “pink diamonds” and learning about the culture and tasting different foods. We look forward to having a fun-filled week with our residents.

The activity staff members are brainstorming different ideas for many different activities for our residents to enjoy now and for the rest of the year. We have come up with different activities for the fall and Christmas time for our residents and family members to enjoy together.

It takes a lot of planning, teamwork and organization to make these events a success. We look forward to seeing if our residents enjoy them.

We can always use volunteers; if you are interested please call Dee Dee Via at (276) 694-7161.



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