Blue Ridge Therapy Connection – February 28, 2018

First floor Valentine’s Day King John Wagstaff and Queen Joyce Marshall

With the weather getting warmer, it won’t be long until Spring.

Although we all know that March can bring us snow and ice, we just pray that is over till next year.

We have been taking some of the residents out on the patio on the warm days for a few minutes to let them get fresh air. They can’t wait till we can have our activities on the patio.

As you look around, some of the spring flowers are starting to come up, such as buttercups, hyacinth, and crocuses. These are a true sign of spring! Our residents enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day with goodie bags from Hardin Reynolds Memorial School’s Beta Club. We can’t thank them enough for their generosity.

We also would like to thank Church of God of Prophecy for also making goodie bags for our residents for Valentine’s Day. Every other month this church comes in and plays the bells and sings for our residents. Some of their members also volunteer during the week to help with activities.

For Valentine’s Day, each year the staff and visitors vote on kings and queens from each floor. This year’s winners were Alfred Guynn and Madeline Walker from West Wing; second floor winners were Karin Petty and James Wilson, and our first floor winners were John Wagstaff and Joyce Marshall. We would like to congratulate all the winners.

Each queen received a box of chocolates, a tiara, a certificate, and a dozen silk roses. Our kings received a box of chocolates, a certificate, and a crown. Many of them were really surprised that they won.

We started on our winter Olympic Games, the residents had fun playing the games and at the end of the week, they will receive their medals. Some of them have been watching the games in their rooms. These games are a lot of fun and laughter for the residents. We are starting to work on our March calendar. This year Easter is on April 1. We are planning Easter games, arts and crafts, and activities for St. Patrick’s Day.

Each year we do so much with the residents to celebrate Easter. It’s another sign of “Spring” being on the way! If you or your group would like to come and entertain our residents, please give us a call. We would glad to put you on our calendar.


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