Blue Ridge Therapy Connection – September 12, 2018

Mabel Stowe crocheting items to enter in the fair.

The air is feeling more like fall of the year, especially in the morning.

Since this summer has been so hot we are looking forward to the cooler temperatures. Each year after Labor Day, it seems summer has come to an end, although it will not end until September 21. Our residents are looking forward to taking trips to view the changing leaves. As we are traveling up and down the roads, we can see the farmers baling hay, corn turning and people gathering bounty from their gardens. Many of our residents are saying this is supposed to be a bad winter, colder temperatures, and more snow. However, many of them go by the signs and most of the time, they are right.

With fall many of our activities change. We won’t be able to go outside as much, but we will have a lot of events for our residents to enjoy. They are working on their arts/crafts to enter in the Patrick County Fair. We already have residents signed up to go to the fair on Wednesday, September 19. They really enjoy going to see the rides, eat fair food, and visit with friends and family. It seems every time we go to the fair, our residents see at least one person they know from their past and haven’t seen in a long time. They also love going to see the exhibits to see if they won a ribbon.

We are also working on Halloween Kids Night here at Blue Ridge. We will be having it on Wednesday, October 31 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Some of our new residents have been asking questions about Halloween night and if we pass out candy. We like to give our each resident that would like to pass out candy a chance to participate in the event. We try very hard to rotate them in and out so everyone can participate. They love seeing staff member’s children and area children come into their home dressed in their costumes. When  babies dressed are up, they all melt, and it’s a buzz around the room talking about the baby and how cute it is. But they aren’t alone, staff members do the same.

With the next couple of months, we will be very busy here at the center. It seems after Halloween, time flies and Christmas is here. We are starting to plan many of our events for the Christmas season. If you or your group would like to perform for the residents, call so we can put you on our calendar. Call Dee Dee Via at 276-694-7161 ext. 1804.


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