Calf tour milking public interest in dairy industry

Homestead Creamery Inc. started a brand awareness campaign that has turned into an East Coast educational tour.
The “Calf Tour” was launched in an effort to market to urban consumers. The creamery, located in Franklin County, opened in 2001 and sells milk in glass bottles, along with butter, ice cream, eggnog, custard and lemonade. Homestead Creamery products are available in Kroger, Whole Foods and Earth Fare stores.
“Not only do we want to promote our products, but we also want to educate the consumer and show communities up and down the East Coast that we care about them and their health,” said part-owner Brandon Montgomery.
Montgomery is the primary caretaker of Peaches and Cream, two dairy calves that are the stars of the Calf Tour.
The first official event of the tour was held in early May at the South Carolina Strawberry Festival. Since then Montgomery, Peaches and Cream have traveled every week to different locations in Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Ohio. They’ve made stops at grocery stores, schools, day care facilities, restaurants, summer camps and a veterans’ center.
The Calf Tour affords an opportunity to feed and pet the calves and learn about the dairy industry.
“The response we have received from consumers has been tremendous,” Montgomery said. “It is heart-warming to see kids’ eyes light up at the sight of two baby calves. Many of them have never had a farm experience or even seen or touched a calf before—it has been amazing.”
The Calf Tour will continue through the fall, weather permitting, and Homestead Creamery is sharing details via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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