Call for Applications for Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC)

The Virginia Board of Education is seeking applications to serve a three-year term on the Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC), a new advisory committee to the Virginia Board of Education on all matters relating to early childhood care and education programs, systems, and regulations.

The Early Childhood Advisory Committee (ECAC) is expected to reflect the diversity of Virginia’s early childhood care and education (ECCE) system and the organizations that work to support children’s health and development. As such, specific categories of expertise are required by state law. For all committees, the Board seeks to have diverse representation among the appointees.

ECAC membership categories and the number of vacancies available are noted below. The term of service will begin March 1, 2021 and end June 30, 2024 to coincide with other Board advisory committees.

  • Publicly-funded*, licensed ECCE provider (Two representatives, one of which is for-profit)
  • ECCE provider that is not publicly funded* (One representative)
  • Publicly-funded* family day home (FDH) provider (One representative)
  • License-exempt ECCE provider (Two representatives; one of which is religious-exempt)
  • Head Start provider (Three representatives, one of which is run by a school district)
  • Local school division or school board that operates an early childhood program (Two representatives)
  • Nonprofit advocacy organization focused on ECCE (Two representatives)
  • Professional or faculty member with expertise in child development or ECCE from a Virginia college, university, or other institute of higher education (Two representatives)
  • Virginia chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (One representative)
  • Advocacy or service organization that focuses on serving children with disabilities (One representative)
  • Business owner, operator, or employee in Virginia (One representative)
  • Parent of a child enrolled in VPI, Head Start, or receiving a child care subsidy (One representative)
  • Virginia Council on Private Education (One representative)
  • Statewide nonprofit association representing before- and after-school nonprofit child care and preschool providers (One representative)
  • Nonprofit entity that provides child care resource and referral services (One representative

Educators, administrators, system leaders, advocates, associations and community members are invited to submit applications for these positions. Applicants who speak a language other than English are encouraged to apply.

Applications may be submitted by completing the Application Form for Virginia Board of Education’s Early Childhood Advisory Committee. Please send the completed form to Emily Webb, Director for Board Relations, at Applications may also be mailed to P. O. Box 2120, Richmond, VA 23218-2120.

Questions regarding the Board’s Early Childhood Advisory Committee may be addressed to Rebecca Ullrich, Coordinator for Early Childhood Policy and Planning, at

All applications must be received by Friday, December 18, 2020.  



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