Career, college access organization offers help

GRASP (, a career and college access organization, is encouraging high school seniors to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as a first step toward their postsecondary education/training goals.

The updated FAFSA for high school seniors was available on October 1.

“Millions of students who are eligible for aid fail to file the FAFSA each year, leaving “money on the table” that could be supporting their postsecondary education,” according to the National College Attainment Network.

Also, “completion of the FAFSA may help predict a student’s success in postsecondary education. Ninety percent of high school seniors who complete FAFSA attend college directly after high school, compared to just 55 percent of FAFSA non-completers,” it added.

GRASP Advisors can assist students/families, with FAFSA completion, virtually and free of charge.

Although many school buildings are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GRASP’s financial aid advising services are available virtually throughout the academic year. Email or call 804-923-0059 for assistance, or contact the school counseling office to make an appointment with the school’s GRASP Advisor.

Scrolling through kitten pics? You could do it all day. But first, download the “myStudentAid” app and fill out the FAFSA form right on your phone…or make a virtual appointment with a GRASP Advisor through your counseling office ( Financial aid, here you come!



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