The Next Generation

The importance of teaching and training the next generation is affirmed in both the old.

Hope during the Pandemic

Many today are desperate for hope for tomorrow. So many restrictions in place, hospitals overflowing,.

Begin Again?

By Evonne Wimbush Fresh Harvest Christian Church (D.O.C.) 2021 will be here in just a.

“God’s Mercy”

By Rev. Thomas Shepherd Stuart United Methodist Church Isaiah 63:7-14 is a passage that is.

Basking in His presence among greatest presents

By Shawn Carter Pastor, Meadows of Dan Baptist Church One cold and crisp morning I.

Recommitment to American Values

By Clyde Dupin America is suffering from a national and spiritual identity crisis. Today many.


Rev. Junior W. Wimbush Pastor, Antioch Christian Church (D.O.C.)   You will find in the.

Who Is Directing Your Life?

By Michael Morrison, pastor Middle Cross Baptist Church PSALMS 1:1-3 Let’s look at these three.


By Alan Dean, retired Seventh-day Adventist pastor Psalms 103:2 says, “Bless the Lord, O my.

What A Friend We Have in Jesus

Rev. J. Leroy Wimbush Fresh Harvest Christian Church (D.O.C.) As a youngster, one of the.