Easter Is Important for Every Day

Pastor Wayne Moore High Point Baptist Church Have you ever put a lot of time,.

When Self Moves Out, Christ Moves In

By Rev. Junior W. Wimbush, Pastor Antioch Christian Church (D.O.C.) We have heard how to.

A High Day

By Alan Dean, Retired pastor Easter, though it varies year by year, is the high.

A Time and a Season for Everything

By Evonne Wimbush Fresh Harvest Christian Church (D.O.C.) “For everything there is a season, a.

Patrick Pulpit

By Gabrielle Walker  Stuart Baptist Church and Homestead Last Sunday I spoke at our church.

From the Pulpit of Mount Calvary Holy Church

During the next few paragraphs, I want to tell you about a young boy from.

“What Shall I Do For Lent?”    

Rev. Thomas Shepherd Pastor, Stuart United Methodist Church “What Shall I Do For Lent?” Mark.

Look to True Love

Pastor Shawn Carter Meadows of Dan Baptist Church As I was praying on what to.

“Love Your Enemies”

Luke 6:27-36 By Pastor Wayne Moore High Point Baptist Church Jesus’ command, in Luke 6:27,.

God’s Warnings

By Retired pastor Alan Dean Seventh-day Adventist Church There is an interesting verse in Amos.