Regenas Column

The Springhouse

By Regena Handy Early last week, my husband and I spent two days rebuilding the springhouse. Well, let me quickly rephrase that --- my husband did the work, I mostly got in his way. The old cover had been there for ages. I assume it was built by my dad...

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Christmas at the Comfort Inn

By Regena Handy The first year I stood at the window looking out at the normally busy roadway. It was not yet dawn and the well-lit area was due to artificial lighting. A faint skiff of snow which fell during the night would likely disappear at the first touch of...

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Decking the Halls

By Regena Handy Well, ‘tis the season. All the leftover turkey has been taken care of. No more turkey sandwiches this year. Thankfully, someone else ate the last piece of pumpkin pie --- that’s one pound I can avoid. The yam casserole has been devoured and the gravy and creamed...

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Heating With Wood

By Regena Handy A huge hickory tree has fallen into our field. It stood at the edge of property on Conners Creek. Over time heavy rainfall and flooding eroded the massive root system and recent strong winds took it down. It was a beautiful tree, its previously golden leaves still...

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Stinky Creatures

By Regena Handy Outdoor night trips have recently been made with caution. First we sniff the air, searching for any vestige of odor that might serve as a warning. We are especially careful if any of the motion sensor lights along the porch and outbuildings are on, flipping additional outside...

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The ‘57

The car belonged to my husband, a purchase by his parents in 1969 shortly before he obtained his driver’s license. A classic vehicle, it was the personification of every young man’s dream of that era. A 1957 red and white Chevrolet Bel Air hard top four door, it was loaded...

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