Chamber Chat

By Rebecca Adcock

Wow. I really missed those 6 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. How about you? The holidays have come and gone and between the shortened timeframe and the balmy weather; I don’t really feel that we had much Christmas. Onto 2020! I usually like to take a moment and reflect on 2019 and look ahead into 2020.

2019 was a very busy year. The Chamber was active in several events. We had eight ribbon cuttings, some for brand new businesses and some for relocated businesses. We added 10 new businesses, brand new or just joining the Chamber after an extended time away. What is impressive from our little office is the twenty-one, yes, 21, events that we participated in. Everything from Lunch and Learns, Business Showcase, Peach Festival, Hometown Christmas, Spooktacular, Business after hours, waffle Wednesday, pop- up farmers market and so many more. The Stuart Spooktacular is personal favorite and the Chamber was excited to learn that the event won an award from Blue Ridge Travel Association for best event. Congrats to the Patrick County Young Professionals for organizing that event. Looking forward to having it back on Main Street and on a Saturday night this year!

As we move ahead in 2020, the chamber already has two events lined up. First is the Marketing 101 seminar, on January 9th 10 am to 12 pm at the PHCC Stuart site. This event is in partnership with the Longwood Small Business Development Center. They are a great resource for any individual looking to start a business, or better assist with current businesses. The Chamber is also hosting a seminar on February 6th on how to become an Airbnb Host. Our 2020 Membership drive is getting geared up. Thank you to those businesses, organizations, civic groups and individuals who have supported us in the past. Without our membership, we could not assist our community. We encourage everyone to become a member in 2020.

I encourage all businesses, organizations and individuals to take a few minutes this month to reflect on 2019 and set new goals for 2020. Here are 10 great questions to ask.

1) What was your biggest win in 2019?

2) What/Who is the 1 thing/person you are grateful for?

3) What surprised you the most this year?

4) Where did you fail?

5) What do you need to stop doing, selling, offering?

6) What did you enjoy the most?

7) What is the status of your goals?

8) What do you need more of? Employees, equipment, marketing,

9) What new thing did you learn in 2019?

10) What challenges do you see facing you in the 12 months ahead?

(Adcock is the executive director of the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce.)



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