Cougars drop two on courts



By Stephen Henderson

Garrett Worley leaps to meet a volley in last Tuesday’s home match against Franklin County.

The Patrick County High School men’s tennis team suffered two losses last week, falling to Franklin County 6-3. They lost to Halifax by the same score, 6-3.

“We were down two players in the match against Halifax, but we played really well,” said Coach Andrew Taylor. “Garrett Worley and Jacob McNulty both played probably their best matches of the season and picked up some big singles wins against some tough competition,” he added.

The Cougars are down one player due to a hand injury. “Bennett Reeder has broken his hand, and we will most likely be going the rest of the season with five players,” Terry said.

“We struggled in the match against Franklin with a lot of unforced errors and mental mistakes,” he said.

“The Halifax match was some of the best tennis we have played,” he said. “Finding consistency going forward is going to be big in any success we have, especially now being down a player. Hopefully, these guys will respond to the challenge,” Terry said.

Franklin defeated Patrick County—6-3

Singles: #1-B. Carter def G. Worley (PC) 8-6; #2-J. Weinschrieder def B. Reeder 8-0 (PC); #3-F. LaComa (PC) def C. Taylor 8-6; #4-L. Akers def S. Hill (PC) 8-0; #5-J. McNulty def M. Thompson 8-4; #6-T. White def B. Tarpley (PC) 8-4.

Doubles: #1-Carter/Weinshreider def Worley/LaComa (PC) 8-3; #2-Akers/Thompson def Reeder/Hill (PC) 8-1; #3-McNulty/Tarpley (PC) def Taylor/Johnson 9-7.

Halifax County defeated Patrick County 6-3

Singles: #1-G. Worley (PC) def Brent Edwards 8-6; #2-Jacob Wenzel def F. LaComa (PC) 8-3; #3-J. McNulty (PC) def Gordon Taylor 8-5; #4-Owen McAbee def B. Tarpley 8-0; #5-Ben Irby win by FF; #6-Minjune Kim win by FF.

Doubles: Worley/LaComa (PC) def Edwards/Wenzel 8-1; #2-Outlaw/Irby def McNulty/Tarpley (PC) 8-5

#3- Halifax win by FF.

Bennett Reeder returns a shot from an Eagle player last Tuesday.
PCHS tennis coach Andrew Terry (right) gives #3 seed Frankie LaComa some words of wisdom during last Tuesday’s match against Franklin County.