DAR holds February meeting

The Col. Abram Penn Chapter of DAR met on February 8 at Blue Ridge Therapy Connection, Landmark Lane, and enjoyed luncheon especially the wonderful lemon pie.
The meeting opened with the DAR Ritual which includes the words “we have a goodly heritage.” Nine members and one prospective member were present.
Louise Hansen read the president general’s message. NSDAR President General Lynn Forney recommended each member subscribe to American Spirit DAR magazine. The current feature story is “Uncovering History at Ferry Farm,“ George Washington’s boyhood home near Fredericksburg, President Forney’s preservation project. Colonel Abram Penn Chapter contributed to the project.
The monthly program was presented by Janice Axelson, who portrayed David Humphries, confidential aide to George Washington. The presentation covered the period before Washington became president. After the Constitution became the law of the land on March 4, 1789, and Washington was sworn in as the first president; legend has it that he described his feelings as “not unlike those of a culprit who is going to a place of execution.”
He had thought that after winning many battles he would enjoy peace at Mount Vernon; however that was not the case. He set a model for what could have been an example for ongoing presidents.
Committee minutes included Shelby Cochran’s national defense report which described “The POW/MIA flag remembering that those Veterans are not forgotten.”
Discussion followed about two veterans who were POWs, U.S. Senator John McCain and David Hatcher of Mount Airy, N.C.
Cathryn Vaughn’s flag minute stated that CA State DAR Society traced the ancestry of the flag back to the 1640s as the date “Old Glory” first appeared in America.
Vaughn’s Indian Minute was about “Running Antelope” who was born in South Dakota in 1821. He was one of the first Hunkpapas to reject a warpath and be a friend of the whites as he tried to make peace.
Elva Haden reminded the chapter during the conservation minute that generators should always be placed outside of the house to avoid carbon monoxide. Fumes from engines or fires may cause headaches, dizziness, and permanent sleep.
The health minute by Flo Bell reminded us that studies show that eating a cup of yogurt daily leads to 25 percent less chance of catching a cold.
The history minute mentioned again why the colonists fought for Independence from England. The Stamp Act forced colonists to pay a tax on everything used in the new country including paper for business use, tea, cloth, rum, etc. England needed more money to pay clear their war debts in Europe.
Minutes were read and approved. Regent Hansen read the treasurer’s report in the absence of Treasurer Mary Ann Franklin.
The registrar, Shelby Cochran, reported that one prospective member’s application is very near completion and they are diligently working to complete the documentation and application.
Hansen invited members and prospective members to attend the March 14 meeting. The program will be by membership/vice chairman Dr. Carole Geiger, District VII.
The meeting adjourned.

Janice Axelson
Janice Axelson

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