DeLoach addresses community association


By Felecia Shelor

Dr. Clyde DeLoach, candidate for supervisor for the Blue Ridge District of Patrick County, met with the Meadows of Dan Community Association on May 9.

“I want the citizens of Meadows of Dan to feel like a valued part of the county. If elected I will be available. I will be totally transparent. I will listen. I may not always make decisions that make you happy,” Deloach told the community association, “but I will come to you and explain my reasons for my decisions.”

DeLoach is challenging incumbent Karl Weiss in the November election.

When asked by a resident of Meadows of Dan what his priorities for Patrick County are, “Getting the budget in line, education, and the best possible county employees” are among his top concerns, he said.

“We all need to work together.”

Meadows of Dan residents expressed anger about the behavior of the supervisors at the Board of Supervisors meetings. “Our leaders make us look like fools to the outside world” one commented. “The behavior at the Board of Supervisors meetings result in businesses not wanting to locate here and the best people not wanting to work here.”

Deloach said he has had a long career of learning to deal with people. If elected he will work toward establishing a “non-hostile” environment on the Board of Supervisors.

Deloach was born in Danville to working class parents who worked at Dan River Mills. While finishing college, he worked at Danville Memorial Hospital and was the head of the Respiratory Therapy Department where he supervised a staff and managed a large budget. He received his PhD in Church History from Baylor University and served as a United Methodist Pastor for 27 years. He pastored the United Methodist Church in Stuart for seven years. After retirement, DeLoach said he moved back to Stuart because of the beauty of the area, the friendliness of the people, and because he likes the lower cost of living here. He and his wife, Lela, have three children and three grandchildren.

Bill Clark, from Stuart, also spoke to the community association about the newly formed Patrick County Virginia Political Action Committee, PatCoVa PAC.

The mission of the PatCoVa PAC is to foster positive political change through unity and advocacy by supporting candidates who are committed to conservative, ethical, accountable, fiscally responsible, and transparent government.

Wren Williams, head of the Patrick County GOP, spoke to the association about election procedures in Patrick County.

Steve Terry gave an update on his committee’s work on getting Broadband to citizens who have inadequate internet service. There is a possibility that Appalachian Power will provide fiber optic lines on their power poles to areas in need.

The Meadows of Dan Community Association is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of preserving and promoting the community of Meadows of Dan by hosting monthly meetings wherein the community may gather for a community discussion, sponsor events that promote Meadows of Dan, and organize projects that serve to make Meadows of Dan a better place to live and visit.

The meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Meadows of Dan Community Building.

(Shelor is a business owner in Meadows of Dan and a contributor to The Enterprise.)