Deputies subdue man considered suicidal

Two Patrick County deputies averted a potential tragedy when they were able to subdue “an armed suicidal suspect” on Friday evening, according to Sheriff Dan Smith.
Master Deputy Winfred Hill and Deputy Matt Rorrer responded to a residence in Patrick Springs regarding a suicidal man armed with a knife, Smith said.
The deputies found the man in his home and negotiated with him for an extended amount of time. However, he became more agitated and would not comply with orders from the officers, Smith said.
While Rorrer provided cover with his issued duty weapon, Hill shot the armed suspect with a less-lethal bean bag round fired out of a standard issue 12 gauge shotgun, Smith said.
The man was subdued after being shot with the less-lethal round, taken into custody without injury, and transported to a hospital for mental evaluation.
“Dealing with armed, suicidal suspects is one of the most dangerous aspects of a deputy’s job, and having the training and the tools to be prepared for those situations is critical,” the sheriff said. “The actions of our deputies in this high-stress situation speak volumes about their skillset and their ability to defuse critical incidents.”
Smith also said that he wants the public to have a better insight into what patrol officers deal with on a day-to-day basis.
“We help people and save lives every day, and yet, only the negative actions seem to be all that some want to talk about,” Smith said. “Well, here is an example of exemplary law enforcement performance that the public needs to be made aware of.”


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