Editorial : New director is a good fit 

Debbie Foley seems to understand the importance of striking a balance as she embarks on her newest career as the county’s economic developer.Foley will assume the post full-time on July 1.

Although she talked about balance in terms of developing the local economy while preserving the simple lifestyle we currently enjoy, Foley herself seems to have the balance needed for her new post.Vivacious and ready to hit the ground running, she seems to have the marketing and networking background many professional economic developers work years to hone. She also seems to be keenly aware of the fact that, in spite of her best efforts, the county may lose companies to competing areas. In those cases, she will have to begin again.But she is determined, “passionate,” she said, to try to lure companies here, because that will mean not only creating jobs for our people, but also growing the tax base. Companies locating here will pay taxes. That could translate into less of a tax burden on our residents, and that would be a welcome relief.Additional tax monies also will mean funds were in place for improvements in other areas, such as public safety, schools, roads and other infrastructure – all important to the continued growth of the county.Foley’s focus also includes existing businesses, and working with them to ensure they remain viable – in short, to keep them here.When looking for outside companies to locate here, Foley said will first concentrate on the manufacturing and retail sectors. She also will work to ensure companies coming here are a good fit for the lifestyle of the county, and we think she is a good fit to lead the charge for the county’s economic development.We wish her well.

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