Felony charges lodged in Patrick in unrelated and separate incidents

Two men allegedly tried to break in to 57 Pit Stop in the Fairystone area of Patrick County around 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 26, according to Patrick County Sheriff Dan Smith.

Video surveillance allegedly showed multiple attempts were made to gain entry into the store, including tying a strap to a vehicle and trying to pull the door open, and firing into the door of the building with a shotgun.

Entry was not gained and the two men allegedly fled the scene.

At 10:30 p.m. on march 26, Master Deputy Winfred Hill spotted the suspect vehicle and conducted a felony traffic stop. Two men were arrested. Two sawed off shotguns and the vehicle were seized, Smith said.

Nicholas Giles Cameron, 21, no address, was charged with attempted breaking and entering with a deadly weapon and possession of burglarious tools.

The second person was a juvenile, according to the sheriff. Petitions have been obtained for attempted breaking and entering with a deadly weapon and possession of a sawed off shotgun.

Multiple weapon charges are pending, according to Smith.

Cameron is being held without bond in the Patrick County Jail.

The case is being handled by Investigator Steve Austin.

In a separate incident, a North Carolina juvenile was identified in the commission of multiple felonies connected to an alleged breaking and entering, and armed robbery on Saturday, Smith said.

Shortly after noon, a juvenile allegedly kicked open the door of a home on Little Dan River Road in Claudville. The female resident threatened the alleged intruder with a knife and the intruder allegedly fled the home in a vehicle, along with two other men, Smith said.

The juvenile and a man in the home allegedly had been involved in an ongoing dispute, Smith said. After allegedly fleeing from the scene of the alleged breaking and entering incident, the three men believed to have been involved in the incident encountered a man mowing on the side of the road less than a mile away, according to Smith.

One of the three men allegedly stole a truck and took money from the man’s wallet while holding him at gunpoint, according to Smith.

A Guilford County North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy on Sunday spotted the truck and initiated a traffic stop, Smith said.

The juvenile believed to have been involved in the breaking and entering in Claudville allegedly was operating the vehicle, Smith said.

The juvenile is being charged with multiple felonies, including carjacking, armed robbery and breaking and entering.

The extradition process to return a juvenile to the state where the crimes were committed is more difficult than the extradition process is for an adult, Smith said, and added that Patrick County Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Vipperman will work with the Guilford County North Carolina District Attorney’s Office to extradite the juvenile to Virginia to face the felony charges.

Smith added that Vipperman’s office and our office will ensure that this individual is brought back to face these charges.

He added that the truck allegedly stolen during the incident is in the process of being returned to the owner.

The case is being handled by Investigator Steve Austin.


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