First Quarter Top Readers at WES

Congratulations to the top Warrior readers for the first quarter at Woolwine Elementary School. Thank you to everyone who participated and keep reading. All will get rewards for their hard work.

Thank you to our PALS TA and Warrior Reading Coordinator, Shannon Brockway for all her time and work with the program.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the Warrior Reading Program during the first nine weeks of school. Continue to keep up the good work. The following students were the top readers in their class for the first quarter:

Mrs. Fain’s 1st Grade- Ethan Worley 33 books
Mrs. Flaneary’s Kindergarten- Cole Worley 32 books
Mrs. Elgin’s 2nd Grade- Lacie Bullins 115 books
Mrs. Barnes’ 3rd Grade- Ainsley Lawson 1,683 pages
Mrs. Bradley’s 3rd Grade- Jasmine Swick 1,171 pages
Mr. Thompson’s 4th Grade- Leah Kendrick 1,179 pages
Mrs. Bowers 4th Grade- Analeigh Jones 2,340 pages
Mr. Roop’s 5th Grade- Michael Swick 1,203 pages
Mr. Gunter’s 6th Grade- Jacob Hall 1,427 pages
Ms. Turner’s 6th Grade- Kendra Worley 2,538 pages
Mrs. Hopkins’ 7th Grade- Chelsea Lawson 1,381 pages



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