Funds needed for new uniforms

The ‘Pride of Patrick County’ Marching Band is working diligently to shed their old uniforms and raise funds for some new threads.

Local Patrick County marching band, The Pride of Patrick County, is working hard to replace its decade-old uniforms and purchase 120 news ones in an investment in the band’s future.

Lori Morse, Band Booster Secretary, and marching band mom for seven years, said the band has had the same uniforms for the past decade, and they are starting to show their age, with tears, fading colors and overall wear. The band has been asking the community for donations online via Snap-Raise, an online fundraising site and via a partnership with Little Caesars with a coupon event.

The coupon event donates 40 percent of every sale to raising the  funds needed for the new hand-sewn uniforms, which Morse estimated would cost approximately $40,000. The coupon event is every six weeks, and the next event is set for Oct. 14.

Morse said the new uniforms are expected to last at least ten years, and represent an investment in the future of the marching band. The band currently hosts 71 musicians and 19 color guards and is continually growing, said Morse. She continued saying that hopefully, the 120 uniforms will suffice for the growing crop of students.

Band Director Joseph Whitt said,” The community sees the band as a sense of pride and excellence. They know the band does its best to represent their community well. The band is a symbol of pride for the entire community; having new uniforms would give the band more confidence in performance and would be a better representation of Patrick County and our school.”

Those interested in participating can donate online via or by attending the coupon event. Those unable to find the coupon, or who wish to donate by other means may contact


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