Genealogy club changes library hours

The Carroll County Genealogy Club library will open only on Wednesdays until April 1. If anyone wants to do research on another day of the week, please contact Katie at (276) 766-3431 or Jerry at (276) 733-0331.
If bad weather closes the county schools the library will be closed and any meeting scheduled for that day will be canceled.
The club has available a new book entitled “The Edwards Family,” based on Isaac Edwards and his many descendants from Carroll County. The cost is $20 through January 31. The price will increase to $25 on February 1. The book is available in the genealogy library located in the historic court house in Hillsville. For further information contact Katie at (276) 766-3431.
The genealogy club continues to accept applications for the First Families of Carroll County certificate program. The applicant must be directly descended from an ancestor who settled in Carroll County by December 31, 1850. Applications may be picked up from the genealogy library or by writing to the Carroll County Genealogy Club at PO Box 395, Hillsville, VA 24343.
Information about the genealogy club can be found on Facebook at “Carroll County Genealogy Club” and at “Friends who like Carroll County Genealogy Club“. Pictures and brief family histories are featured at these locations.


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