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• My mother was born to Andrew Jackson Fain and Mary Elizabeth Williams Martin Fain in 1910 in Patrick County. After Mary Elizabeth’s death in 1912, Andrew Jackson Fain gave his children and stepchildren (Martins) away to different families.
My mother was given to Decatur Gregg Staples and Mary Leola Staples and raised by them in Virginia and later in North Carolina. I am trying to find anything about the Staples.
I believe, but am not certain, that D.G. Staples was a son of Samuel Staples. I know he told me that he was raised on the large home on top of the hill overlooking a river just outside of Stuart. I believe Samuel Staples died around 1912 in Patrick County.
I do know the home has since been torn down with only a stone fragment remaining. I think it was torn down around 1977.
Can you clue me in on anything about Decatur Gregg Staples, born 1868 in Patrick County, and died 1962, Greensboro, N.C., at Cone Memorial Hospital?
He was a Primitive Baptist preacher after his mid-life period. From the time of his birth in 1868 to around 1920, his life seems to be a mystery. I was told that prior to 1914 he was a deputy sheriff in Patrick County, and around 1918 he worked as a guard at the Richmond federal prison. None of this is verified.
I was also told that he went out west around 1914 for several years to look for wanted criminals? Family stories tend to get distorted in passing down to others.
Thank you for any information you can furnish me. I believe his wife was a Frazier, and I do know she was born in 1878, possibly in Stokes County, N.C.
Again, thank you. Please respond to: Mary McLaughlin, (910) 769-3209. My mailing address is 915 Turgotine Lane, Wilmington, N.C., 28412.
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