Independence Day without God

By Dr. Clyde Dupin

Independence Day is usually a day for celebration. This year millions of Americans feel long held liberties and the freedom of religion is under attack. In the last year or two we have seen our nation move from freedom to fear and liberty to government control. Many of these changes not only threaten our American way of life but the church in particular.

We have seen many of our moral values disappear and a frightening decline in Christian commitment.  Wrong is seldom called wrong when it comes to attacks on the church. Many things we thought were solid Christian values are now questioned and ignored. God’s Word is under attack by political leaders, school teachers, the elite media and liberal pastors. In the mainline churches more than half the pastors say the Bible is inaccurate in all the principles it teaches. Liberation theology and social justice have replaced the New Testament’s Gospel of personal salvation. The churches generate about $50 billion in donations each year. Some politicians oppose our president as he calls for religious liberty and a return to the Constitution.

Traditionally, we think of America as a Christian nation. We understand what most people mean when they say that Christianity is having a personal relationship with Christ. The only hope for America is for the clergy to speak out with a clear Biblical message that calls sin by its name and proclaim a message of salvation that changes lives. Socialism is not the answer. There is no government handout or program that meets the needs of children like having a loving, caring mother and father. Marriage must be protected and the church must come alive with a straightforward message of truth.


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