International Women’s Month observed by NSDAR members



Mary Ann Franklin

Colonel Abram Penn Chapter met on March 13 with nine members and one prospective member present. The members had a buffet lunch at Landmark and enjoyed a social half hour during the meal.

The meeting proceeded with the ritual, pledge to the flag of the USA and the American Creed.

A memorial service was led by Chaplain Flo Bell for past member and Registrar Barbara Baughan. She will be greatly missed.

Treasurer Mary Ann Franklin read the president general’s message. She reminded us that we have a rich history and extensive opportunities for services to our local community and to America.

Registrar Wanda Shough reported on Fort McHenry, Md. (Revolutionary War period) and the fort’s importance in protecting our country. The fort was also important in World War I, Coast Guard in World War II and in the War of 1812.

New member Onie Vaughn, conservationist, reported on global warming and some effects.

The health report was by Flo Bell with a reminder that we get Vitamin D for our bones from outdoor sun but supplements are also recommended.

Registrar Shough reported that she has submitted another application for membership to DAR.

Mary Ann Franklin delivered a wonderful program on “Women in History” in honor of Women’s History Month. She emphasized that in our years of school most of the history was about men in history and that surely needed to change. A part of her program was reading excerpts from letters written during early years of the country’s writers, such as Abigail Adams.

The DAR Archives in Washington, D.C., has an ongoing exhibit “Dazzling Daughters” with quips from first ladies, social reformers (fighters for right to vote), educators, scientists and other professionals. The long standing fight for women’s rights started in upstate New York during mid 19th Century. Susan B. Anthony’s homestead is still open today for touring.

The meeting continued with Regent Hansen thanking members for contributions to the Constitution Room at the James Madison Estate in Montpelier, with a reminder that one of our missions is preservation of buildings and records.

The meeting adjourned.