Job well done

I want to thank the teachers, administrators and school board members of Patrick County School System, who along with the Patrick County Board of Supervisors have seen to it that the taxpayers of Patrick County receive real value for their education tax dollar.

The recent article in The Enterprise detailing the state-wide ranking of local tax contribution to the school system demonstrates it is not just about the money when it comes to a quality education. According to various online sources Patrick County schools are rated in the top 30-40 percent of school systems in Virginia.
With Patrick County ranked as 119th in “per capita” income and a similar ranking in “median household” income across 134 cities and counties in Virginia, it is nice to know that our school system leaders can stretch a dollar just like all the rest of us hard-working taxpayers in Patrick County have to do.
Imagine how you would feel if you were a taxpayer in one of those locales that ranked way above Patrick County in local tax support, yet your school system did not perform as well as Patrick County schools. Maybe we should have our administration and board members go up to NOVA and show them how it is done.
I am sure the Patrick County system would like to have more money from the taxpayers but I am glad to know they can do so well with what we are hard put upon to provide.
Thank you,
Bill Moore


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