Land Transfers for August 2018

Patrick County Circuit Court recorded the following land transfers for the month of August:
James Samuel Albert to Nelda G. Rakes and other, 0.5632 acre, Smith River
ALG Trustee LLC and other to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 1.1 acre, Peters Creek
Gaynell D. Amos to Turman Farms LLC, 19.37 acres, Mayo River
Susanne E. Becker to T & J Block Investments, 4.579 acres, Blue Ridge
Joseph Lester Belcher to Tuggland LLC, 1.5 acres, Smith River
Joseph Lester Belcher and other to Joseph Lester Belcher, 1.5 acres, Smith River
Earnest Roy Bowles to Ouns Partnership LLC, 2.174 and 0.386 acres, Mayo River
Michael Lee Bowman, Sr. to Ronnie Buren Metcalf and other, 1.292 and 1.0893 acres, Mayo River
Sara Baughan Bowman and other to William Clark Baughan and other, lots, Town of Stuart
George B. Boyd to RedOak Development LLC, 0.44 acre, Dan River
Edith C. Camp and other to Joseph M. Grimes and other, 62 9/16 acres, Smith River
Vicente A. Castillo, Jr. and other to Benet Faith Taylor and other, parcels, Mayo River
Walter E. Clark, III to John D. Clark and other, 43.555 acres, Peters Creek
Kimberley Carpenter Clayton and other to William Mark Clayton, 4.34 acres, Dan River
Cynthia C. Clinard to Thomas A. Cook and other, 26.9735 acres, Peters Creek
Samuel W. Coleman to Jimmy L. Coleman, 3.067 acres, Mayo River
Commonwealth Asset Services LLC to Carrington Mortgage Services, tract
Donald Graham to Kristie Y. Bentley, tracts, Mayo River
Ashby Coleman Cothran to Bush & Bush Enterprises LLC, lot, Blue Ridge
Jane W. Cox and other to Kevin H. Cox and other, 31.50 and 54.75 acres, Peters Creek
Brenda R. Craig and other to Brenda R. Craig, lot
Brenda R. Craig and other to Brenda R. Craig, lots
Brenda R. Craig and other to Brenda R. Craig, lots, Smith River
Brenda R. Craig and other to Brenda R. Craig, lots
Brenda R. Craig and other to Brenda R. Craig, lot
Carol Y. Edgell to Leslie W. Edgell and other, 3.0 and 3.0 acres, Dan River
Bennett Hayden Edwards to Johnny Dale Smith, 10.84 acres, Peters Creek
Jeannine Voss Fairly to Seyed Ali Mirsaeidi Farahani, lot, Blue Ridge
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., 2.0288 acres, Peters Creek
James Stanley Flowers to Timothy Edward Winfrey and other, parcels, Mayo River
Benny Lee Freeze and other to James Nathan Isner and other, parcels, Mayo River and Smith River
Joe W. Fulcher and other to Shawn R. Keffer and other, lots, Mayo River
Fred T. Gilley and other to Jeffery F. Gilley, 1.177 acres, Peters Creek
Michelle L. Hall to Larry A. Payne and other, 33.319 and 3.129 acres, Dan River
Penny M. Hall to Puckett Properties LLC, 0.2381 acre, Mayo River
Roy Haymore and other to R. Trace Sinclair and other, 1.00 and 1.486 acres, Dan River
Mark B. Holland to Judith Justice Nowlin and other, 1.27 acres, Peters Creek
Lawrence Harvey Hulett and other to Elizabeth Jane Hulett, 6.997 acres
Timothy R. Hutchens and other to Bennett Hayden Edwards, 0.84 acre, Peters Creek
Marvin Ray Justice to First Choice Property Acquisition, tract, Peters Creek
Johnny H. Lambert and other to Wallace V. Cleve and other, 2.332 acres, Blue Ridge
Mary Beth Larres to Stephen D. Vollmer, interest in 0.35 acre, Dan River
Linda H. Lawless to Ellen M. Fulcher, 3.676 acres, Mayo River
Ruth G. Lawson to Omar Roman-Matias and other, 1.05 acres, Peters Creek
Vivian K. Mabry to Joyce M. Mauldin, interest in 1.45 acres, Dan River
Henry W. Mathieu, Jr. to James C. Barborak and other, 0.0126 acre, Blue Ridge
Henry W. Mathieu, Jr. to James C. Barborak and other, 0.1941 and 0.0266 acres, Blue Ridge
Palmer L. Moore and other to Robert Lee Moore, tracts, Smith River
Palmer Lee Moore and other to Amy Susanne Whorley, 2.9446 acres, Smith River
Timothy David Morrison and other to Timothy David Morrison and other, tract
Michael J. Nanney to Timothy Edward Murphy and wife, 80.6385 acres
Junior E. Pack and wife to Rhonda Renee Pack Carpenter and other, 1.26 acres, Mayo River
Winred W. Pack and other to Winred W. PAck and other, 0.978 acres, Dan River
Michael W. Plasters to Stephen B. Adkins and other, 27.17 acres, Mayo River
A. G. Puckett and other to Keith Puckett and other, 4 acres, Dan River
Secretary of Housing and Urban to Kelly D. Hiatt Thomas, 1.565 acres, Mayo River
Virginia Hylton Sheppard to Samuel Blake Sheppard and other, 0.74, 0.66 and 0.699 acres, Mayo River
Kalene Annika Smart to Michael L. Chilton, interest in 1.68 and 1/12 acres, Dan River
David L. Smith, Jr. to Clifton Ray Thomas and other, 4.35 acres, Dan River
Jeanette M. Spencer to Rodney B. Kendrick and other, 1.3517 and 0.894 acres, Mayo River
Mary Frances Tatum Spencer to Mark C. Spencer, 2.2 acres, Mayo River
Samuel Richard Taylor to Dennie Cole Thompson, 18.9906 acres, Mayo River
Roy L. Turner and other to Dustin Lacy Whorley, 2.421 acres, Smith River
US Bank National Association to Michael Wood, 1.014 acres, Mayo River
Whit-Land LLC to Robert D. Whitlow and other, 18.061 acres, Smith River
Hugh A. White, Jr. to Dennis L. Zinchuck and other, 6.5613 acres, Blue Ridge
Samuel I. White, P.C. Trustee and other to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, 5.913 acres, Dan River
India H. Williams to Edward L. Hartman, Jr. and other, 1.0 acre, Mayo River
Weaver A. Worley and other to Christine Danielle Mays, 30.0608 acres, Mayo River
Brenda K. Wright, Trustee to John Eldridge Wilson and wife, 2.0 acres, Dan River
Clayton Wright to Lane Foley and other, interest in 1.66 acres, Smith River


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