Land Transfers for December 2018


Patrick County Circuit Court recorded the following land transfers for the month of December:

Bidden-Wetherbee LLC to Jimmy Dale Merritt and other, 6.70 acres, Peters Creek

Ralph S. Blackburn and other to Eugene C. Stankavage and other, 39.25 acres, Mayo River

Jacob D. Blizzard and other to Jacob D. Blizzard and other, 5.40 acres, Dan River

Raymond Cerniglia and other to Williams Logging and Chipping, 9.604 and 6.728 acres

Jeremy R. Collins and other to Donald Shane Vernon and other, 7.867 acres, Smith River

Emma Lee Mullins Cook to Catherine M. Boles, 1.161 acres, Peters Creek

Lawrence M. DeHart, Sr. and other to Jonathan L. Simmons, 1.001 acres, Peters Creek

Lawrence Melvin DeHart and wife to Sweet Valley LLC, 108.713 acres, Smith River

Vivian Kay Ellis and other to Linda Ann Roberts, 4 acres, Smith River

Vivian Kay Ellis and other to Linda Ann Roberts, 2.590 acres, Smith River

Lorie Ann Chaney Ferguson and other to Betty Foley and other, 28 and 22 acres, Smith River

Melvin Ray Foley to Kimberly Renee Ball and other, 1.67 acres, Smith River

Melissa A. Godfrey to Melissa A. Godfrey Living Trust, 64.37 acres, Smith River

Joseph A. Hollandsworth and other to David Richardson and other, lots, Smith River

Donald E. Howard to Christopher Thomas Collins and other, 4.0422 acres, Dan River

Deborah M. Hubbard to Walter L. Scott and other, 1.75 acres, Smith River

Stephen Hubbard to Efren Huerta Garcia, 3.076 acres, Smith River

JMB Investment Company LLC to Robert Pittard, 4.316 acres, Smith River

Kimberly Tarroza Jones to Walter Edward Jones III, interest in lots, Town of Stuart

Hope Marie Knight and other to John W. Plasters, 2.75 acres, Mayo River

Mary R. Mabe to Larry R. Corns, 4.0 acres, Peters Creek

Randy L. Niten and other to James Randy Niten and other, 7.35 acres, Dan River

Roger L. Nunn to Bryan L. Marston, 20 acres, Dan River

Wilma E. Pack to Dale E. Puckett and other, tract, Dan River

Eugene J. Phillips to Paul Phillips, interest in parcel

Sarah Quesinberry to Andrea Matheny, 3.178 acres, Blue Ridge

  1. Paul Reynolds to Mark K. Reynolds, 8.803 and 1.1970 acres, Mayo River

Fred H. Spence, Jr. to Brandy N. Spence, interest in 9.10 acres, Mayo River

Yvonne Mae Clifton Stone to Gary C. Meeks and wife, 0.25 acres

Wilbur C. Walker to David Abel Trent and other, 64.70 acres, Mayo River

Karl V. Weiss to Karl V. Weiss and other, 1.0 acre, Mayo River

White Oak Properties and Land to Bobby Gene Griffin, 3.408 acres, Dan River

White Oak Properties and Land to Keith T. MacDonald and other, 2.2289 acres, Dan River

Dawn L. White to Warren P. Guthrie and other, 32.584 acres, Smith River

Wilderness-Stuart Inc. to John G. Hamby, tracts