Land transfers for July 2018

Patrick County Circuit Court recorded the following land transfers in the month of July:

James L. Adams to Joseph L. Aguilar and other, 7.72 and 1.518 acres, Mayo River

Susan McCrea Anderson to Charles Reid Hogge and other, interest in 3.988 and 5.414 acres, Dan River

Brenda G. Ayers to Stephen L. Cannon, 2.5190 and 1.85 acres Mayo River

David Jones Brady and wife to Carter L. Jordan and wife, 3.003 acres, Smith River

Elmer Braley and wife to Scotty Sparks, 2.2659 acres, Dan River

Carl Byrd and other to Lee G. Spencer and other, lot, Blue Ridge

Darrell G. Cockram and wife to Cockram Properties, LLC, 2.133 acres, Blue Ridge

Danny Collins and other to Derek Reavis and other, .79 acre, Peters Creek

David Lawrence Dabbs to Shannon L. Brown, 2.0 acres, Dan River

Frances J. Davis to Merritt M. Smith and other, 36.676 and 3.544 acres, Smith River

Thomas I Debusk, III and other to Haylea Bennett, .8517 acre, Dan River

Donnie R. Doss to Phillip R. Doss, 8.25 acres, Dan River

Robert Herschel Dove to Kay L. Gorman, interest in lot

Equity Trustees LLC to Migueal A. Martinez, 5.0 and 33.834 acres, Smith River

Equity Trustees LLC to Ronnie Leon Light, 2.43 and 2.0 acres, Mayo River

Nicholas Ferrante and other to Nicholas Ferrante and other, interest in 27.58 and 1.0 acres, Dan River

Harvey M. Goins to Harvey Moir Goins and other, 0.602 and 2.08 acres, Peters Creek

Kay L. Gorman to Joseph S. Frank and other, lot

Clinton Gwynn to Lloyd Shane Gwynn, 30 acres, Dan River

Kathy Lynn Hamm to Christopher P. Collins, 0.9441 acre, Peters Creek

Michael K. Hankins and wife to Robert Meador and wife, 18.737 acres, Smith River

Charlotte Holt to Susan McCrea Hogge Anderson, interest in 4.855 acres, Dan River

Annie Hines Hylton and other to Kevin D. Keller, 2.0 acres, Peters Creek

Milbert C. Hylton and other to Victor J. Foley, 3.117, 5.071, and 2.042 acres, Smith River

Virginia Carlene Hylton to Dana F. Cranouski, 101.487 acres, Smith River

Donald Gray Jones and other to Brenda W. Moore and other, lot, Mayo River

Adelle C. King to Damon P. Nolan, II and other, 1.4427 acres, Mayo River

Mary Lee King to Ralph Tate, 2.7196 acres, Dan River

Patricia M. Martin and other to William Lassiter and other, 4.2, 0.6, and 1.05 acres, Mayo River

Norman V. Mills and wife to Norman V. Mills and wife, 3.5203, 2.5583, and 2.6390 acres, Peters Creek

Doyle L. Montgomery to Shanda Morris, 0.73 acre, Dan River

  1. Theresa Monts to John M. Monts and other, 16.8078 acres, Blue Ridge

Calvin Wayne Pack and other to Michael L. Pack and other, 2.0029 acres, Dan River

Calvin Wayne Pack and other to Jose A. Ibarra and other, 2.0029 acres, Dan River

Allan Leon Parker to Alvis R. Shelton and other, 8.653 acres, Smith River

Jeffrey William Parrish and other to Donald Cockram and other, 1.79 acres, Peters Creek

Linda C. Peele to Susan E. Witte, 7.063 and 5.571 acres, Mayo River

John W. Plasters and other to Nancy Hubbard Plasters, 14.88 acres, Blue Ridge

Eyrtle Ray Ransom and other to Deborah L. Boswell and other, 0.49 acre, Smith River

Gardner W. Reynolds and other to River Hills Retreat, LLC, 9.536 acres, Dan River

Peggy J. Riner to Susan S. Bailey, 2.0926 acres, Blue Ridge

Curtis A. Roberson and other to Matthew A. Roberson and other, 3.054 acres, Smith River

Patsy Branson Robertson to Jonathan Brandon Robertson, 72/100 acre, Dan River

Jeffrey A. Scharf, special comm. to Carin Worley Belcher, 2.690 acres, Smith River

George D. Smith and other to Polaris Star, LLC, 2.207 acres, Peters Creek

Robin Lynn Smith to Dennis B. Deaton, 2.663 acres, Mayo River

Roger E. Tuggle to Bradley Turner, 9.472 acres, Smith River

U.S. Department of Agriculture to Wyoming East, LLC, 23.1566 acres

Larry Vaughn and other to Cynthia R. Black, 1.028 acres, Smith River

Jason E. Vipperman and other to Seetal S. Paul, tract, Mayo River

Shirley Whitlock and other to Vivian W. France, 4.1 acres, Dan River

Wilson Family Properties, LLC to Ken Barnard and other, 11.6 and 27 acres, Peters Creek

Aleen W. Wilson to John David Wilson, Jr. and other, 4 acres, Mayo River

Woods Rogers PLC, trustee to Vanderbuilt Mortgage and Finance, 10.86089 acres, Peters Creek

Marilyn S. Yarber to Charles M. Hall and other, 0.235 acre, Peters Creek


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