Land Transfers for October

Patrick County Circuit Court recorded the following land transfers for the month of October:

Donald Shawn Arnder and other to Donald Shawn Arnder, 6.74, 2.0, 0.5557 acres, Dan River

John A. Atkinson to John Alvin Atkinson Trustee, 108.013 and 80.822 acres, Smith River

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to James Hylton and other, tract, Smith River

Erman J. Bryant and other to Kenneth David Bryant, 4.053 acres, Smith River

Erman J. Bryant and other to Jason Erman Bryant, 5.8609 and 4.22 acres, Smith River

Richard P. Burnett and other to Michael Wayne McNeely, 4.370 acres, Dan River

Frank Butler to Barrett Lee Whritenour, 1.314 acres, Smith River

CitiMortgage Inc. to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2.030 and 2.287 acres, Mayo River

Patricia W. Clary to Richard Everette Dellinger Jr., 3.40 acres, Peters Creek

Jerry W. Collins and other to Bobby Lee Money, 12.343 acres, Peters Creek

Hobert L. Cox, Jr. and other to Alexander Charles Mahl and other, 1 acre, Peters Creek

Jerry Lee Dixon to Sherman Lee Clifton and other, lot, Smith River

Caroline H. English and other to Hairston Properties LLC, parcels, Mayo River

Ellen M. Fulcher to Clint Lee Dixon and other, 3.676 acres, Mayo River

Ermigene C. Fulcher and other to Franklin Lee Ayers, 5.86 acres, Smith River

GJP Enterprises LLC to Jesse E. Turner, 1/2 acre, Peters Creek

Vicky V. Godfrey to Mark A. Wood, 0.3697 acre, Blue Ridge

Andrew C. Gorton and other to Mathew M. Schilke and other, 15.6754 acres, Mayo River

Nancy T. Greer to Connie Williams Greer and other, 4.1359 acres, Mayo River

Perry Stephen Greer to Robin G. Letchworth, interest in lots, Mayo River

Daniel Hamm to William Thomas Ritter, 6.701 acres, Blue Ridge

Mavin E. Harris to Terry L. Harris, 5.135 acres, Smith River

William Hawks and other to Ronnie L. Wray and other, 6.190 acres, Mayo River

William H. Hendricks to Danny R. Conner, 2.0 acres, Dan River

David Mark Holt and other to David Mark Holt, 1.373 acres, Peters Creek

Cheyenne Dawn Marshall to Kaleb Andrew Marshall, interest in 1.0 and 1.71 acres, Peters Creek

James W. Ingle and wife to Michael Steven Rorrer and wife, 1.675 acres, Peters Creek

JMB Investment Company LLC to Woolvine DG Holdings LLC, 1.430 acres, Smith River

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 23.3639 acres, Peters Creek

Margaret S. Koegler and other to Margaret S. Koegler and other, 5.8942 acres, Mayo River

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Robert Jenkins Pittard, 1.1 acres, Peters Creek

George E. Law to Mercy Church Inc., 4.496 acres, Mayo River

Amy Brown Leech to Amy Brown Leech and other, 6.44 acres, Dan River

Joan B. Martin to Jonathan D. Altizer and other, 3.0 acres, Mayo River

Charles D. McBride and other to James W. Bogle III, 3.782 acres, Mayo River

John D. Morris and other to Daniel K. Boyle and other, 5.0 and 5.069 acres, Smith River

MTGLQ Investors to Christopher Mattingly, 4.324 acres

James B. Padden and other to Joseph E. Wilson and other, 45.45 acres, Dan River

Patel and Dalrymple PLLC to Rural Development, 0.555 acres, Mayo River

Bobby N. Pendleton and other to Robert Brown and other, lot, Mayo River

Scott D. Pike and wife to Lori Atkins, 2.6516 acres, Mayo River

Vance Edward Quesinberry to Deborah Belcher Quesinberry and other, interest in 1.1250 acres, Blue Ridge

Harold D. Richardson to Alexandra P. Burns, 0.8491 acres, Mayo River

Curtis A. Roberson to Matthew A. Roberson, interest in 8.5745 and 1.464 acres, Smith River

Ralph E. Scales to Winston Glenn Proctor and other, 2.2027 acres, Dan River

Kurt Thomas Scheetz to Sea to Mountain Properties LLC, 251.425 acres, Smith River

Michael W. Scott and other to Kenneth Douglas Hullett and other, 2.037 and 4.598 acres, Mayo River

Wilbert Allan Sherman and other to Wilbert Allan Sherman and other, 5.029, 10.015, 5.025, and 10.034 acres, Smith River

Billy Ray Shutt and other to Doyle J. Fain and other, 1 acre, Peters Creek

Dan H. Smith to Taylor Danielle Smith, 1.56 acres, Dan River

Maria Cruz Tanner to Maria Cruz Tanner Trustee, 3.5394 acres, Dan River

Robin Faye Vance and other to Wright Funeral Service and Crematory, 5.151 acres, Smith River

Steven L. Wade to Steven L. Wade and other, tract, Patrick and Floyd

Whit-Land LLC to George Edward Arbogast and other, 13.595 acres, Peters Creek


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