Land transfers recorded in April

The following land transfers were recorded in the office of the Patrick County Circuit Court during the month of April.
Pamela H. Arn to Carol H. Perkins, interest, 4.0 acres and 16 acres, Dan River.
Steven L. Bagwell and others to Steven L. Bagwell and others, 1 acre, Peters Creek.
Benny Lee Baliles Jr. and wife to Kirsten Elizabeth Baliles 14.77 acres, Dan River.
Donald Ray Barker and other to Michael B. Bowman and others, interest, 2.650 acres, Mayo River.
Donald Ray Barker and other to Sandra K. Bowman and other, 2.383 acres, Mayo River.
Beneficial Financial I Inc. to Mike Gregory, 1.0 acres, Peters Creek.
Branch Banking and Trust Company to Henry R. Holt Jr., 2.0, Mayo River.
Branch Banking and Trust Company to Wade A. Edwards Sr. and other, 2.363 acres, Mayo River.
Robert E. Calfee to Robert E. Calfee and wife, 1.0042 acres, Mayo River.
Vincent W. and Susan H. Childress to Gail W. Joplin, 9.0750 acres, Mayo River.
Chad N. Collins and wife to David Brian Hubbard and wife, 2.1293 and 0.7231 acres, Mayo River.
Robert Edward Collins and other to Jason D. Alexander and other, lot, Town of Stuart, Peters Creek.
Debruhl & Hutchens Inc. to Stephen E. Renegar and other, 2.914 and 2.649 acres, Mayo River.
James M. DeHart to Bubbank Properties LLC, .689 acres Mayo River.
Diamo Group LLC to Cindy L. Barnette, 0.88 acres, Mayo River.
Richard Leon Dillon to Robert E. Calfee, 1.0042 acres, Mayo River.
Donnie R. Doss to Phillip Roger Doss, 96.57 acres, Dan River.
Elbert McNeil Fulcher and others to Terry W. or Debra K. Dalton, 1.27 acres, Mayo River.
Charlotte H. Gardner to Ladapa LLC, lots, town of Stuart, Peters Creek.
Brewster A. Griffith, trustee, and other to Turbo Sales & Fabrications Inc., 17.51 acres, Smith River.
Michael Bruce Hall and other, trustee, to Hope K. Sobolewski, and other, 2.75 acres, Mayo River.
Margaret Bowman Hawks and others to Ricky and Judy Smith, 25.183 and 0.0296 acres, Dan River.
Carlton Hubbard Howard III, executor, to Charlotte H. Gardner, lots, town of Stuart, Peters Creek.
Melvin N. Hylton and wife to Leon K. Carter, 0.635 acres, Peters Creek.
William Chadwick Martin to Michele S. Hamm, 1.027 acres, Mayo River.
Charles L. McDonald Sr. to Phillip C. Grigsby and other, lots, Dan River.
Keith M. McDonald and other to Phillip C. Grigsby and other, lots, Dan River.
James R. Parker Jr. to David L. Ray and wife, 1.62 acres. Mayo River.
Carol H. Perkins to Pamela H. Arn, interest, 17 acres, Dan River.
William R. Pruehsner and wife to Jason L. Meadows and wife, 4.5474 acres, Dan River.
Karan Belcher Puckett to Rockie A. Roberts, 0.6396 acres, town of Stuart, Peters Creek.
Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. to Davie H.S. Wilcox and wife 2.00 acres, Blue Ridge.
Winton W. Shelor Jr. and other to Winton W. Shelor Jr. and other, 20.00 acres.
Howard Talmon Smith, and others to The Griffith Company LLC, 11.6 acres, Smith River.
Robert E. Stanley and other to Robbie Eric Stanley and other, 2.00 acres, Dan River.
Frances D. Strickland, by attorney, to Carol Moir Strickland and husband, 6 acres, Blue Ridge.
Stuart Covington II, LC, to The Rosemyr Corporation, parcel, Mayo River.
Paul Eric Thacker and others to Paul David Gaubatz, 1.694 acres.
Amos C. Turner to Daniel G. Alderman and wife, 4.056 acres, Mayo River.
Clinton West and others to Garland West and wife, 3.26 acres, Blue Ridge.
58 West Lumber Company to Michael B. Kennedy, 12.4161 acres, Mayo River.


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