Land transfers recorded in December

The Patrick County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office recorded the following land transfers for the month of December, 2017.

Regina All and other to Joshua Shane Hooker, 15.54 acres, Mayo River.

Charles F. Anderson to Douglas A. Barbour and other, 0.20 acre, Dan River.

Atlantic Trustee Services, LLC, trustee, to US Bank Association, lots.

Janice M. Axelson to Donald Franklin Neal and other, 0.74 acre, Dan River.

Wanda Faye Ayers-Slate to Wilderness-Stuart Inc., parcel, Mayo River.

Margaret H. Ayers to Donna L. Leath, 0.880 acre, Mayo River.

Margaret T. Bernholdt to William Lovell Barham and other, 4.499 acre, Blue Ridge.

Uwe Bischoff to Little Dan Farm, LLC, 5.20, 24.072, 51.63, 252.771, 65.822, 0.893, and 0.206 acres, Dan River.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Ashlie Marie Pyles, 21.9415 acres, Dan River.

Lillie Brown to Gary Wagner and other, 9.9910 acres, Smith River

Garland W. Burge to Garland W. Burge and other, 2.16 acre, Dan River.

Jason H. Cagle and wife to Christopher D. Frazier and wife, 0.485 acre, Dan River.

Tammy B. Carrick to Christopher J. Myers, lots, Blue Ridge.

Tracy Lynette Carter to Tracy Lynette Carter and other, 1.00 acre, Dan River

Stephen K. Christenson to Virginia Housing Development, lot, Peters Creek.

Richard J. Clarke and other to Alexius G. Smith and other, 31.3283 acres, Peters Creek.

Commonwealth Trustees, LLC to US Bank National Association, 25 acres, Mayo River.

Community Investment Associates to Brenda T. Radford and other, 7.812 acres, Mayo River.

Christopher A. Corbett and other to Wayne Burgess and other, 2.1989 acres, Mayo River.

Clyde R. Crissman and other to Cynthia Denise Crissman Williams, 1 and 12.458 acres, Peters Creek.

Philip N. Dalton and other to James C. Barborak and other, 9.1918 acres, Blue Ridge.

Robert M. Diesel and other to Raced, LLC, 2.9865 and 2.5360 acres, Peters Creek.

Brenda L. Dobrick and husband to Donald G. Dobrick and wife, lot, Blue Ridge.

Emerald Investors, Inc. to TKC CCXXXVI, LLC, tract, Mayo River.

  1. Richard Epps to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, tract, Smith River.

Harold L. Evans II to Edgar Gonzalez-Montes, 4.274 and 0.915 acres, Mayo River.

Barry Wayne Farmer and other to Barry Wayne Farmer and other, 1.49, 4.6698, and 7 acres, Mayo River.

Cathy S. Fuller and other to Wells Fargo, 1.688 acres, Dan River.

Perry E. Greer and other to Perry Stephen Greer and other, lots, Mayo River.

Doris O. Haden and other to Regena H. Handy and other, 1.590 and 2.869 acres, Smith River.

Charles R. Hamm to Sandra Belcher Parsons, 2.711 acres, Mayo River.

Gail M. Harding to Lloyd R. Spencer, 0.975 acres, Mayo River.

Terry L. Harris and other to Daniel Lee Lawson Jr., 3.0 and 71.865 acres, Smith River.

Clara U. Hetrick to Barbara Diane Sances and other, 13.972 acres, Dan River.

Hopkins, LLC to James E. Litten and other, 3.962 acres, Mayo River.

Bryson J. Hunter to Farm Credit of the Virginias, 11.8227 acres, Mayo River.

Donella A. Inman to Donella A. Inman and other, 175.75 and 1.0 acres, Smith River.

James G. Joyce and other to James G. Joyce, Jr., 2.25 acres, Mayo River.

John A. Korepta to Frank M. Elliot and other, 8.281 acres, Smith River.

William K. Lewis to Patrick County Real Estate, 10.078 acres, Mayo River.

Nancy D. Liles to David Wayne Liles, interest in 6.5 and 12.0 acres, Blue Ridge.

Susan A. Lytle to Susan A. Lytle, 0.954 acre, Mayo River.

Jake Robert Mabery and other to Petula G. Schoonover, lot.

Delores Ann Manuel to Gary S. Sawyers and other, 1.06 acres, Dan River.

Gary R. Martin and other to Gary R. Martin and other, tracts, Mayo River.

George R. Martin and other to George R. Martin, 7.49 and 0.27 acres, Mayo River.

Keith J. Martin and other to Douglas Andrews, 1.4127 acres, Peters Creek.

James R. Mullins and other to Charles W. Willard and other, lots, Smith River.

Stacy Mitchell Mullins and other to Karl V. Weiss and other, 0.654 acre, Peters Creek.

John C. Mundy and other to Franklin W. Beal and other, 120, 25, and 4 acres, Mayo River.

Brian D. Noonkester and other to Jerry Branson, 1.51 and 2.46 acres, Dan River.

Teresa Pack Overby to Teresa Pack Overby, 1.7 acres, Peters Creek.

Glenda R. Pickerel to Jesse G. Pickerel and other, 4.070 acres, Smith River.

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Bank of America, 3.711 acres, Mayo River

Roger Anthony Ramsammy and other, granton, to White Oak Properties and Land , 2.023 acres, Dan River.

Linda Hall Reynolds to Sandra Belcher Parsons, 2.53 acres, Mayo River.

Rock Castle Farm, LLC to Terry L. Harris and other, 5.258 acres, Smith River.

Rock Castle Farm, LLC to Mavin E. Harris and other, 3 and 79.142 acres, Smith River.

Mary Trent Scott to Mary Trent Scott and other, lots, Mayo River.

Robert Kenneth Shearer, trustee, to Virginia Property, LLC, 209.042 and 137.004 acres, Blue Ridge.

Robert Kenneth Shearer to Virginia Property 2 LLC, 50.6499 acres, Blue Ridge.

Robert Kenneth Shearer, trustee, to Virginia Property 3 LLC, 41.882 acres, Blue Ridge.

Thomas A. Slate Jr. and other to Michael D. Friel, 0.367 and 0.355 acres, Blue Ridge.

Mike M. Smith and other to Misty D. Smith, 1.500 acres, Dan River.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patrick County Rentals, LLC, 0.4233 acres, Mayo River.

US Bank to Rachel Hawks, 2.0129 acres, Dan River.

James Dillard Vaughn Sr. and other to Onie W. Vaughn, 1.522 acres, Peters Creek.

White Oak Properties and Land to Midland Trust Company, 2.5091 and 2.7582 acres, Dan River.

Michael W. Worley and other to William Christopher Gilles Jr., 0.687 acres, Peters Creek.

Wright Funeral Service and Crematory to Rose V. Copening, 1.1292 acres, Smith River.


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