Land transfers recorded in February


The following land transfers were recorded in the Patrick County Clerk’s Office during the month of February.

Diane H. Bowman and other to Kenneth Ong and wife, tracts, 0.4240 and 1.63 acres, Dan River.

Johnny E. Bowman to Thomas L. Chaney and other, 0.917 and .9903 acres, Dan River.

George T. Brooks and other to Ernest D. Harris and other, 8.256 acres, Blue Ridge.

Mark Callahan, trustee, to Jason K. Weiss and other, 50.652 acres, Peters Creek.

Lee Edward Cassell to Richard Leon Dillon, 1.35 acres, Mayo River.

Rebecca F. Chauncey to Rebecca F. Chauncey, trustee, interest in 0.479 acres, Mayo River.

Betty Lou Clark to Garland W. Collins and others, 0.47 acre, Peters Creek.

Jennifer Lynch Clement to Vickie W. and James Ronnie Lynch, interest, 17.50, 12.50, and 2.00 acres, Dan River.

Garland W. Collins and others to Gregory M. Talcott and other, 0.83 acre, Peters Creek.

Garland W. Collins and others to Dannie Lester Anderson and wife, deed of lot, line revision.

Emery Wayne Conner and other to Holley Catherine Conner, 10.00 acres, Blue Ridge.

Linda G. Cunningham to Bryce D. Oliver and other, 3.00 acre, Smith River.

Linda G. Cunningham to Bryce D. Oliver and other, 23.642 acres, Smith River.

Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 7.812 acres, Mayo River.

Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 4.6580 acres.

Anita Foley to Anthony Foley, interest, 10.630 acres, Smith River.

James Gary to Paul Daniel Pegelow, 1.6424 acres, Blue Ridge.

Ronald Greene and other to Plaster Family Cemetery, .5529 acre, Blue Ridge.

Robert W. Haley, executor, to Jaclyn Vivian Meridth and other, 0.5 acres, Mayo River.

Barbara S. Hamm to Rodney Dwayne Hamm, 6.3103 acres, Blue Ridge.

Leon D. Handy and wife to Lisa H. Nowlin and other, tract, Mayo River.

Nancy G. Hazelwood to Mildred H. Armstrong, 55.46 acres, Peters Creek.

Jerry L. Helms and other to Turbo Lab LLC, 2.536 and 4.872 acres, Peters Creek.

Idelfonso Hernandez and other to Idelfonso Hernandez and other, lots, Mayo River.

Anne Cassell Holes and others to Lee Edward Cassell, 1.35 acres, Mayo River.

Lorrie C. Hubbard to Ronald W. Hubbard, interest, .0536 acre, Smith River.

Ronald W. Hubbard and wife to Ronald W. Hubbard and other, 1.9278 acres, Smith River.

Ronald P. Jennings to Richard L. Maybay, 6.727 acres, Mayo River.

Christopher Travis Jessup to Johnny Houston Collins, 4.27 acres, Dan River.

Charlotte Stevens Lawson, executor, and others to Linda G. Mitchell and others, 15.951 acres, Peters Creek.

Ronnie Eugene Lawson to James R. Layman, 1.01 acres, Peters Creek.

Kezia Leavelle-Holder to Sandra G. Hylton, deed of partition.

Susan Paige French Machiels, trustee, to James Robert Machiels and other, interest, 0.007, 0.075, 1.879, 24.99, 221.50, 46.0, and 4.86 acres, Mayo River.

Donald Leroy Mains and others to David William Norman and wife, 8.68 acres, Dan River.

Meredith Meadors to Rondla W. Gray and wife, lots, Dan River.

Adam Christopher Morrison to Mark Wessel, 2.35 acres, Smith River.

Jesse Dwayne Morrison to Jesse Dwayne Morrison and wife, 2.00 acres, Smith River.

Richard J. Murray and wife to Thomas E. Collier, 8.5109, 1.09799 and 10.4092 acres, Smith River.

Rose Margaret Seif Neyman, trustee, to Rose Margaret Seif Neyman, interest, 2.424 and 35.462 acres, Blue Ridge.

David William Norman to Donald Leroy Mains and others, 10.37 acres, Dan River.

James Lewis Pack to Susan H. Oakley and other, 0.77 acre, Dan River.

James Padden and others to James Pack and others, 0.77 acre, Dan River.

Teresa C. Payne to Fred J. Hill and wife, 1.000 acre, Peters Creek

Penny Mac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2.798 acres, Dan River.

Brenda Lewis Plaster, executor, to Tracy L. Rhodes, 5.434 acres, Mayo River.

Verdine Puckett to Verdine Puckett and other, 0.465 acre, Dan River.

Donna b. Rakes and others to Jesse D. Rakes, 6.486 acres, Smith River.

Lisa W. Richardson to Jeffrey L. Richardson and other, lot, 2.25 acres, Smith River.

Jeffrey L. Richardson and other to Joseph Paul DeHart Mabe and other, lot, Smith River.

Joyce J. Rogers to Richard H. Goodfellow III and wife, 6.304 acres, Blue Ridge.

Michael L. Rorrer to Lonnie Austin Foley, 1 acre, Smith River.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chelsea Spencer Price, 2.045 and 4.307 acres, Mayo River.

Barry E. and Kimberly H. Sheppard to Barry E. Sheppard, 13.3 and 14..8361 acres, Peters Creek.

James Moir Strickland and others to Anise Strickland Hickman, interest, 6.00 acres, Dan River.

Larry E. Trent to Eric D. and Shannon W. Cassell, 2.87 and 1.001 acres, Mayo River.

Ivan W. Whiteheart to Whiteheart Family Revocable Trust, 29.782 acres, Dan River.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Kenneth Hancock, 0.903 acre, Smith River.

Nadine M.. Wilson and other to Albert Van Rowe Sr. and other, 0.870 acre, Mayo River.

Terry R. and Judy D. Woodard to Sara Michelle Falbo, 9.7258 acres, Smith River.