Land transfers recorded in July

The following land transfers were recorded in the office of the Patrick County Circuit Court during the month of July.
Sandra Kay Martin Amburn to Leroy Abbott, 1.67 and 5.76 acres, Smith River.
Donald C. Ayers and wife to Donna Webb Ayers, 32.15 acres, Dan River.
Wade Keith Ayers to Arthur A. Sappington II and other, 1.50 acres, Dan River.
Teresa Ann C. Biggs to Cheryl Steele Kiefer, 1/3 and 1/9 acres, Mayo River.
Brian R. Mangano, trustee, to Jake Robert Mabery, lot.
Leonard R. Brown and wife to Tonya Lea Peters, 15 acres, Smith River.
James L. Chandler to Teresa McCormick Davis, interest in parcel, Dan River.
Charles M. Aaron, PLC, trustee, to Valleystar Credit Union, 54.105 acres, Smith River.
Deborah H. Craddock to Brandon Jarret Hazlewood and wife, 2.2192 acres, Mayo River.
Louis J. Crockett Jr. and other, co-trustees, to Penny Lou Olson Revocable Trust, 14.4221 acres, Blue Ridge.
Jerry Anthony and Carole C. Cruise to Darrell L. Conner, 9.4145 acres, Blue Ridge.
J. Roy Davis and others to John G. McCann and other, 57.06 acres, Mayo River.
Melissa Quesinberry Dillon to Chester H. Quesinberry and other, 1.936 acres, Blue Ridge.
Teresa Brammer Edwards and other to Kristoper Brammer and other, 2.428 acres, Smith River.
Benjamin E. Franklin and wife to Marvin Lee McDaniel and wife, 0.50 acres, Mayo River.
Christopher T. Gianettino to Jerry O’Brian Humphrey and other, 34.572 acres Peters Creek.
Brewster A. Griffith, trustee, to Christina K. Martin, 4.214 acres Smith River.
Sharon Stokes Guilliams to Graham H. Middleton and other, 43.801 acres, Smith River.
James Gray Guynn to James Gray Guynn, tract, Dan River.
Lonnie A. Haden and wife to Shelly H. Collins and other, 3 acres, Smith River.
Melanie R. Hall, and other to Melanie R. Hall and other, 39.7488, 1.141, 1.044, and 20.2575 acres, Dan River.
David R. Harcus to David R. Harcus Living Trust, 91.1399 acres Peters Creek.
Berchard Hatcher and wife to Vincent Lee Hatcher and other, interest in 1.25 acres, Smith River.
Gideon C. Hauser and wife to April H. Cain, 1.42 acres, Dan River.
John D. Haynes to Douglas M. Haynes, lot, Mayo River.
William Carroll Hiatt to William Jerald Hiatt and other, 7.2, 0.33, 0.654, 0.834, O.599, 0.972 and 0.785 acres, Dan River.
Sandra Hooper to C Shell L, LLC, interest in 3.1602 acres.
Adam Wesley Hughes to Trevor W. and Kathleen M. Foltz, 10 acres, Mayo River.
Garnett Hughes and other to Richard Scott Depue, 4.63 acres, Smith River.
Marie Z. Hutchens to Gregory T. Hutchens and wife, 38-2/3 acres, Mayo River.
Todd L. Hutcherson to David Christopher Johnson and wife, 0.488 acres, Blue Ridge.
Brenda S. Johnson to Daniel Payne, 2.848 and 1.161 acres, Smith River.
Jeffrey A. Johnson and others to Margaret Grace Helms, 1.0 acre, Mayo River.
Gail W. Joplin to Samuel B. Reed and other, 9.0750 acres, Mayo River.
Curtis Clayton Kendrick to Samantha Lynne Conner, 1.779 acres, Mayo River.
Daniel Lee Lawless and other to Daniel Lee Lawless and other, 11.818 acres, Peters Creek.
Ronald E. Lee and wife to LBL Revocable Trust #16-01 and other, lots.
Lillian Violet Lyon to John M. McCutchen and other, 1.65 acres, Peters Creek.
Hoyte L. Martin and others to Benjamin P. Speedy and other, 2.001 acres, Mayo River.
Hoyte L. Martin and others to J.R. Shelton and other, 0.156 acres, Mayo River.
Steven Ray Moles Jr. to Billy Whalen Jr., 0.8100 acres, Mayo River.
Kenneth R. Norman to Teresa J. Lowe, 3 lots, Dan River.
A.G. Puckett and wife to Kevin E. Puckett and other, 33.48 acres Dan River.
Sue M. Redden and other to Bidden-Wetherbee, LLC, 6.70 and 1 acres, Peters Creek.
Stacey Michelle Richardson to David Lee Richardson and other, interest in lots, Smith River.
Kiri J. Ringrose to Tuggland, LLC, 0.512 acres, Smith River.
Ritta W. Rylands to Rylands Irrevocable Trust, 126, 82, 12, 140, 1.5, and 154.3 acres, Smith River.
Judith C. Sandy to Steven L. Bagwell and others, interest in 1 acre, Peters Creek.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel L. Payne, 2.848 and 1.161 acres, Smith River.
Joseph R. Shelton and other to Hoyte L. Martin and other, 1 acre, Mayo River.
Slate Investments, LLC to Matthewe Warren Foreman and other, 5.25 acres, Dan River.
Willie E. Smart Sr. and other to Susan S. Brown, 46/100 and 1/10 acres, Mayo River.
Joey W. Spence and other to Joey Spence, 9.5968 acres, Blue Ridge.
Sweet Valley LLC, and others to James A. Lagier, 18.0355 acres, Smith River.
Trustee of the Presbytery Peaks Pres. to Slate Mountain Evangelical Presbyterian, parcels.
Trustee Service of Virginia, LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 0.916 acres, Dan River.
Ruth V. Vaughn and others to Danny Ray Fagg, 44 3/4 and 99.22 acres, Peters Creek.
Whitland, LLC to Thomas R. Wallace and other, 1.250 acres, Smith River. Darrell Gene Woods, and other to Thomas Robert Truitt and other, 3.345 acres, Blue Ridge.
Frederick S. Yeatts and others to Frederick S. Yeatts and others, 9 parcels, Blue Ridge.
Douglas A. Younts and other to William Kirby Flake III and wife, 12.9726 acres, Mayo River.


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