Land transfers recorded in June

The following land transfers were recorded in the Patrick County Clerk’s Office during the month of June.

Linda Bartley and other to William Ray Jurney, 4.504 acres, Dan River.

Thomas C. Bernard and other to Travis Michael Bernard and other, lots, Smith River.

Ferdinand Van Blerk and wife, grantee, to Connie Lee, grantor, 1.346 acres, Blue Ridge.

Darrell C. Bowling to Barry Dean Lawson and other, .048 acre, Mayo River.

Darrell C. Bowling and other to James A. Davis and other, lots, Peters Creek, Town of Stuart.

Dale E. Boyd and other to Dale E. Boyd and other, 50.093 acres, Blue Ridge.

Dale E. Boyd and other to Major Howell, interest, 2 and 1.000 acres, Blue Ridge.

Dale E. Boyd and other to Amanda A. Bowman, interest, 25 acres, Blue Ridge.

Heather E. Boyd and other to Verna B. Gordon, interest, .325 and 2.5 acres, Dan River.

Heather E. Boyd and other to Herbert Henry Bowman, interest, 7.28 acres, Dan River.

Patricia Philpott Brammer and other to Connie Philpott Hylton, 5.010 acres, Smith River.

Patricia Philpott Brammer and other to Patricia Philpott Brammer, 7.430 acres, Smith River.

James Troy Brooks to Edward Lee Williams, 1.01 acres, Mayo River.

Susan S. Brown to Lorrie A. Hodges, 46/100 and 1/10 acre, Mayo River.

Bubbank Properties LLC to David M. Childress III, 0.689 acre, Mayo River.

Richard R. Burgart and other to Larry E. Wood and other, 3.768 acres, Mayo River.

Wesley W. Burgess and other to Wesley W. Burgess, 5.587 acres, Mayo River, property settlement deed.

Lloyd Busch and other to Brent L. Busch and other, 2.0 acres, Smith River.

James H. Cooper Jr. and other to James H. Cooper III and other, 2.75, .816 and 1.241 acres, Mayo River.

Landen W. Cox to Landen w. Cox and other, 14.8644 acres, Smith River.

Linda Wray Craddock and other to James M. Rupprecht and other, interest, lots.

Janice Manning Crowe to Louis W. Rakes Jr., lots, Mayo River.

Gary L. Cummings and other to Tammy Bowman and other, lots, Mayo River.

Billy J. Dixon to Carlos Santiago Arroyo and other, 2.445 acres, Mayo River.

Roy E. Dodson and wife to Dustin C. Branch and wife, lots, Mayo River.

Barbara K. Eaton, trustee, grantee, to William O. Eaton and wife, grantor, Blue Ridge.

Douglas Fain to Shannon L. Cazier, 2.135 acres, Mayo River.

Richard J. Fain to Robert Alexander Wilkins and wife, 0.836 acre, Mayo River.

Richard Junior Fain to Richard Junior Fain and other, 0.103 acre, Mayo River.

Kenneth W. Hancock to Harriette Moore, 5.000 acres, Mayo River.

Rayna Hedgecock to Susan Rayna Hedgecock, 0.996 acre, Smith River.

Wanda K. Hiatt to Patricia Mitchell, 1.013 acres, Dan River.

John Raymond Hopkins to Vicki Hutchens Bennett, 1.5000 acres, Mayo River.

Gerald E. Hylton to Darian L. Hylton, interest, 23.58 and 34.99 acres, Smith River.

Ruth Haden Hylton to Ralph Haden and other, 5.151 acres, Smith River

James C. Johnson and other to Daniel James Collins and other, 2.677 and 2.277 acres, Smith River.

  1. Wayne Kendrick to Sandra K. Stone, 13.564 acres, Mayo River.

Noah D. Knight and other to Noah D. Knight, 6.769 acres, Mayo River.

Noah Davis Knight II to David Knight, 6.340 acres, Peters Creek.

Noah Davis Knight II and other to Noah Davis Knight II, 6.340 acres, Peters Creek.

Kevin Kovak and other to Glenn L. Smith and other, 10 and 0.1575 acres, Peters Creek.

Joshua S. Martin  and other to Joshua S. Martin, 14.222 acres, Peters Creek.

Kimberly Renee Martin and other to Kimberly Renee Martin and other, tract.

Diana Cheryl McGhee to Marshall Kirk McGhee, interest, 4.599 acres, Smith River.

Gertrude M. Montgomery to Doyle L. Montgomery, 0.73 acre, Dan River.

Daryl Moore, trustee, and other to Nathan Bernard Frazier, deed of distribution, Peters Creek.

Priscilla Ann Moretz to Steven R. Moles Jr., 5.789 acres, Peters Creek.

Nationstar Mortgage and other to Victor J. Foley, .851 and .1 acre,

Nationstar Mortgage LLC and other to Nationstar Reo Sub 1B LLC, 0.459 acre, Peters Creek.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC DBA to Leonard L. Reynolds Jr. and wife, 0.459 acre, Peters Creek.

Dale E. Pendleton and wife to Christopher D. Pendleton and wife, 7.0643 acres, Mayo River.

Gladys K. Phillips to Lyle Binn and other, 103 and 81.5 acres, Smith River.

Faye P. Plaster to Buddy G. Pendleton, 13.358 acres, Peters Creek.

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Wells Fargo Bank, 2.2324 acres, Mayo River.

Lorna H. Puckett to Aleemullah Gill and other, 0.239 and 0.370 acre, Mayo River.

Lorna H. Puckett to Hylton W. Scott, 4.972 acres, Mayo River.

Tammy Renee Puckett to Brandon James Simmons and wife, 2.145 acres, Dan River.

Virginia K. Randolph and other to Federal National Mortgage Association, lots, Blue Ridge.

Barbara A. Rea to David W. Cox, 3.8207 acres, Mayo River.

Shirley M. Rea and other to Robert Lee Shelton Jr. and other, 3.5 acres, Mayo River.

Ramona Hylton Reynolds and other to Leonard L. Reynolds and other, 7.2062 acres, Mayo River.

Samuel I. White PC and other to JP Morgan Chase Bank, deed of foreclosure, tract, Mayo River.

Winton W. Shelor Jr. and other to Michelle A. Greco, 20 acres, Smith River.

Harry V. Sipley to Harry V. Sipley and wife, 5.000 acres, Smith River.

Connie Slate and other to Christopher L. Radford and other, 15.6 acres, Dan River.

Jeffery F. Smith and other to David P. Minter Jr., 105.28 acres, Mayo River.

Harvie Langhorne Spangler to Debra Spangler Shelor and other, 57.3628 acres, Blue Ridge.

Harvie Langhorne Spangler to David Langhorne Spangler and other, 10.147 and 20.0038 acres, Blue Ridge.

Harvie Langhorne Spangler to Belinda Spangler Eddins and other, 52.8850, 3.1150 and 4.5196 acres, Blue Ridge.

Harvie Langhorne Spangler to Beverly Spangler Farris and other, 24.4542, 2.2747, 2.5200, 5.6568, 0.8340, 27.3, 15.2503 and 5.1280 acres, Blue Ridge.

Joy D. Stamey to Shane Adam Helms and other, 65.48 acres, Mayo River.

Ronnie L. Stephens to Betty Booker Purcell, lots, Dan River.

Nathaniel Jackson Thomas to A & O Holding LLC, lots, Town of Stuart, Peters Creek.

Nevada A. Thompson and other to Nevada A. Thompson and other, interest, 10 acres, Blue Ridge.

Trustee Services of Virginia to Ocwen Loan Services LLC, 1.6 acres, Blue Ridge.

Curtis R. Turner to James E. Turner, 1.0 acre, Smith River.

US Bank National Association to William Henderson, tracts, Patrick and Carroll Counties.

John D. Weatherman to Timothy Jason Gwynn, 2.000 and 2.000 acres, Blue Ridge.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to William R. Turner, 4.6580 acres.

Robert Alexander Wilkins to Janice Fain Wilkins and other, 0.220 acre, Mayo River.

Margaret Leigh Moss Wilson and other to Billy Stegall, 1.885 acres, Peters Creek.

David Al Young and other to Donald A. Dalton, 1.900 acres, Peters Creek.


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