Land transfers recorded in June

The following land transfers were recorded in the Patrick County Clerk’s Office during the month of June.
Alison Barnes and husband to Bridget Whitlock and husband, 3.075 acres, Mayo River.
Joseph Dodds Beasley and other to Cora Jean Beasley, 2.000 acres, Dan River.
Joan M. Besch to Andrew M. Philpot and other, 25.477 acres, Smith River.
Virginia H. Boles to Andrew Ward Bray, 78.70 acres, Peters Creek.
Billy Dale Bowman and wife to trustees of The Doe Run Baptist Church, 0.18 acre, Dan River.
Michael M. Burke to Michael Lee Bowman Sr. and other, 1.292 and 1.0893 acres, Mayo River.
Henry S. Campell to Henry S. Campell Revocable Trust, 7 and 42.60 acres, Blue Ridge.
Pamela D. Caudill and other, co-executor, to Kathleen D. Diaz and others, 124.946, 3.0 and 3.062 acres, Mayo River.
Citifinancial Inc. to Stanley Krol, lots.
Christopher Corbett, special commissioner, to Garland W. Collins and others, 101.33 acres, Peters Creek.
Commonwealth Asset Services LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 2.00 acres Peters Creek.
Betty Jean Conner, executor, to Kayla Tucker Collins and husband, 12.1327, 34.05, 35.25 and 10 acres, Mayo River.
William T. Cope and wife to Brian S. Cope and other, 12.064 acres, Patrick and Floyd Counties.
Stephen C. Courter and other to Michael R. Meador and other, trustees, 7.000 and 5.000 acres, Smith River.
Steven D. Dillard and other to Paul L. Grandmaison and other, 3.821 acres, Smith River.
John W. Durfee and other to Anton J. Spagnoletti and other, 6.405 acres, Blue Ridge.
Carol A. Fiore to Joel A. Holderman and other, 5.9529 acres, Smith River.
Gisela L. Fuentes and other to Gisela L. Fuentes and Luis A. Fuentes, trustees, 39.03 acres, Peters Creek.
Ann A. Goad and other to Mitchell W. Smith and other, lot, Mayo River, Town of Stuart.
Bobby E. Goss to Billy D. Jessie II, 12.60 and 3 acres, Peters Creek.
David Austin Gwynn to Michael Todd Gwynn and other, 4.304 acres.
Michael Todd Gwynn and other to David Austin Gwynn and other, 5.7718 acres.
Michael A. Hall to Michael G. Rorrer and other, 10.45 acres, Mayo River.
James T. Handy and other to Jonathan E. Lazaro and other, lots, Smith River.
Kristen Nicole Harman and husband to Kristen Nicole Harman, 5 lots, Mayo River.
Hazel Clark Harris to Shirley Tatum and others, 0.90, 3 and 6 acres, Mayo River.
Virginia Hill to Jerry Lee Hill and others, interest, 49.6 acres, Dan River.
Chadwick Jarel Hooker to Sheila Grey Hooker Stone and other, interest, 10.7029 acres, Dan River.
Melba Suzette Howard and husband to Wanda G. Scearce, 1.20 acres, Smith River.
Gregory T. Hutchens and wife to Marie Z. Hutchens, 38 2/3 acres, Mayo River.
Tiffany Anne Irvin and other to Tiffany Anne Irvin and other, 2.0385 acres, Mayo River.
Margaret L. Johnson and other to Margaret L. Johnson and others, interest, 9/10, 13.48 and 2 1/2 acres, Mayo River.
JP Morgan Chase Bank National Assoc. to Vincent Edward Heironimus, 5.2437 acres.
Kaye-Reed LLC to Sandra Hooper, interest, 3.1602 acres.
Nicholas T. Kipreos and wife to John N. Grooms and wife, 3.1655 and 3.4793 acres, Mayo River.
John H. Kressel and other to Stephanie L. Evans, 7.286 and 3.000 acres, Mayo River.
Connie A. Lawson to Dennis J. Duncan, 1.02, .29 and 1/12 acres, Mayo River.
Jeffrey Marshall and other to Jimmy Rorrer and other, 2.0973 acres, Peters Creek.
Sadie W. Martin to Samuel B. Taylor and wife, 2.662 acres, Mayo River.
Bette L. McPherson to Bette L. McPherson and other, 5.000 acres, Mayo River.
Russell Meyer and other to Russell Meyer and other, 18.9436 and 30.000 acres.
John W. Minkema and other to Steven M. Harris, 11.081 and 6.189 acres, Peters Creek.
Frances Krites Murphy to Baron Murphy and other, lots, Blue Ridge.
Russell Myer, trustee, and other to Russell Eyer and other, 18.9436 and 30.000 acres.
Jean J. Pendleton to Paul Joseph Dickinson and other, 1.75 acres, Smith River.
Christopher Dean Rakes and other to Christopher Dean Rakes, 2.5559 acres, Peters Creek.
Richard Paul Ray and other to Richard Paul Ray and other, .9 acre, Mayo River.
Wyona B. Scott and other to Bernard D. Bowman and others, 0.906 acre, Dan River.
Seth E. Twery PC to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, 3.526 acres, Dan River.
Gary W. and Pamela V. Smith to Melissa A. Fain, 2.0012 acres, Peters Creek.
Michael R. Sorady and wife to Michael R. Sorady and wife, 5.000 and 33.834 acres, Smith River.
Benjamin F. Stone and other to Benjamin F. Stone, trustee, and other, 29.95 acres, Peters Creek.
Sheila Gray Hooker Stone and other to Chadwick Jarrel Hooker, interest, 2.000 acres, Dan River.
Surety Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 1.260 acres, lot.
Jerry S. Thomas and other to Jorge K. Newton and other, 30.9047 acres, Blue Ridge.
Jerry Shelton Thomas to Jerry Shelton Thomas and other, 26.7039 and 1.563 acres, Blue Ridge.
Robert Francis Thurman and other to Mark A. Eagon and wife, 0.491 acre, Smith River.
George Larry Wright and other to Jerry Christopher Howard, 9.782 acres, Mayo River.
Sylvia Youngblood to Danny A. Youngblood and other, 2.000 acres, Smith River.


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